What is the role of a Zener diode connected after a filter in a regulated power supply?

What is the role of a Zener diode connected after a filter in a regulated power supply?

A complete and stabilized power supply can be obtained by using the rectifier diodes to change the AC power to DC power. The rectified voltage is filtered to reduce the ripple on the rectified waveform. A Zener diode is then used to regulate the voltage to its desired final value.

Can we use a Zener diode as a voltage regulator justify your answer?

A Zener diode working in the breakdown region can serve as a voltage regulator. It maintains a constant output voltage even when input voltage Vi or load current IL varies.

In which bias can a Zener diode be used as voltage regulator?

reverse biased
Complete answer: Zener diodes are commonly used to control the voltage through narrow circuits as voltage references and as shunt regulators. When attached to a variable voltage source in parallel such that it is reverse biased, a Zener diode conducts when the voltage exceeds the reverse breakdown voltage of the diode.

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What happens when Zener diode is connected in series?

Connecting Zener Diodes in Series In this case, one Zener diode will be forward biased while the other is reverse biased. In the end-to-end arrangement, the cathode of one diode is connected to the anode of another diode, so both will be forward biased or both will be reverse biased.

What happens when a Zener diode is biased correctly?

A zener diode when biased correctly A- acts as a fixed resistance B- never overheats C- has a constant voltage across it D- has a constant current passing through it Light of wavelength A falls on a metal with work-function hc/ho . Photoelectric effect will take place only if B-12 2h0 D-1<20 /2.

Can you series Zener diodes?

Yes, it is possible to connect multiple Zener diodes in series in order to obtain a desired Zener voltage, but in this case, care should be exercised as to Zener current, Iz. For series-connected Zener diodes, the maximum allowable Zener current becomes equal to the lowest one among their specifications.