What product do you use when braiding hair?

What product do you use when braiding hair?

10 Best Hair Products That Pamper And Protect Your Braids

Top 10 Products Check Price
Pantene Gold Series Triple Care Braid Cream Check Price
SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Moisture Twist And Loc Butter Check Price
African Pride Black Castor Miracle Braid & Scalp Cleansing Rinse Check Price

How do you take care of natural hair with braids?

How to Take Care of Natural Hair in Braids to Remain Healthy and Last Long

  1. Prepare your hair before braiding.
  2. Be gentle during installation.
  3. Moisturize and hydrate regularly.
  4. Be gentle when styling.
  5. Clean your braided hair.
  6. Dry properly.
  7. Mind your scalp.
  8. Redo the edges.
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Which protective style lasts longest?

When it comes to length retention of type 4 hair, box braids are probably number one on the list – and also last the longest of these three. This protective style is super low maintenance and can be worn for a longer duration than twists.

Should I oil my hair before braiding?

Oil Your Scalp and Strands Oiling the hair strands seals in the moisture so that your hair does not dry out. It should therefore be done on about 10\% damp hair. Let the hair dry completely after oiling before proceeding to braiding. On the other hand, oiling the scalp soothes the skin.

Can you use mousse on box braids?

If you find yourself without it, the quickest way to correct frizz and keep that shine and sleekness is mousse or setting lotion, braiding spray, and a light pomade. Apply a styling mousse to your braids, then a braiding spray before tying it down tightly with a head scarf.

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How do you keep your scalp moisturized with braids?

Be Gentle on Your Scalp Moisturize your hair, after the wash ensure your hair and braids are dry before applying a moisturizer. Though natural scalp oils help to keep the hair hydrated you will need to use extra oil. Massage evenly to ensure both the tips and roots of the hair are moisturized.

What should I put on my hair before braiding?

One of the best ways to keep your hair protected before and while it is braided is by using a leave-in conditioner before you braid your hair. Apply it sparingly as needed while the hair is braided to avoid buildup.

What styles help your hair grow?

Best Protective Styles for Hair Growth

  • Protective Style #1 Wig. If you want to switch up your look on a daily basis quickly, then a host of wigs can be your best friend.
  • Protective Style #2 Box Braids. Next up, we have the box braids.
  • Protective Style #3 Twists.
  • Protective Style #4 Sew-In.
  • Protective Style #5 Updo.