What were the major obstacles for the United States in World war II?

What were the major obstacles for the United States in World war II?

The challenges facing the United States as it mobilized for war were converting (switching) to a wartime economy, building an army, and rapidly training troops. What factors allowed the US to stop the German and Japanese advances by late 1942?

What were some particular challenges that the United States face fighting the war in the Pacific?

In the Pacific, they had to fight in jungles that were very hot and humid, with strange insects and unfamiliar diseases. Finally, the Japanese fought in a manner much different from the Germans. The Japanese did not surrender much, did stuff like Kamikaze attacks, and did not treat prisoners very well.

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What difficulties did the United States face in fighting a war in the Pacific quizlet?

What difficulties did the U.S. face when delivering weapons, food, and medical supplies to its troops in the Pacific Theater? There were huge demands on shipping due to the fact that all supplies had to be moved by sea to many distant islands, and it was difficult to protect supply ships across the vast Pacific Ocean.

What were some mistakes committed by the Allied forces during WW2?

Here is a list of mistakes committed by the Allied forces during the Second World War, and the impact of those mistakes on the conduct of the war and the world which followed. Cavite Navy Yard in the Philippines in flames on December 10, 1941. US Army

What was the most successful British military campaign in WW2?

Reconquest of Burma 1944–45. probably the technically most brilliant of all British campaigns in WW2. Crossing the Rhine 1945. Complex operation necessary for the defeat of German forces in the West. Dunkirk even though it was not a victory was far more successful than anyone had thought possible.

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Why did the British fail at the Battle of Iwo Jima?

The British command underestimated the strength of the Spanish fortress and resolve of its one-eyed commander, Blas de Lezo. Squabbling within the British high command didn’t help matters, either.

What are some of the most important military inventions?

When thinking about military inventions, you probably think about things such as high-tech military airplanes like the Stealth bomber, nuclear bombs, ballistic missiles, night vision, the Humvee, and many others. All of those inventions have been pretty much successful in their use.