Where does Shiva reside in the universe?

Where does Shiva reside in the universe?

Hindus believe Shiva and Parvati live in the Kailash mountains in the Himalayas.

How far is Kailash and vaikuntha?

Based on basic pythogoreas theorem, it should be around 27800 light years from earth. One globular cluster comes to the distance suggested and it is on exact galactic pole. NGC 6624 remains the valid candidate for vaikuntha.

How many dimensions does Lord Shiva have?

Shiva is considered as one of the three major deities in Hinduism, others being Vishnu and Brahma….

Head of Shiva
Medium sandstone
Subject Shiva
Dimensions 40 cm × 21.9 cm × 44.5 cm (16 in × 8.6 in × 17.5 in)
Location Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
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Where does Vishnu live?

He is considered to live in the city of Vaikuntha on Mt. Meru, where everything is made of shining gold and fabulous jewels and where there are lakes resplendent with lotus flowers.

Is vaikuntha outside the galaxy?

Vaikuntha (A place where there is no kuntha, or distress), according to the scriptures, is a very real place, that exists not just outside the galaxy, but outside the entire universe. Creation is described as three-fourths spiritual (Vaikuntha) and one-fourth material.

Does lord Shiva still live on Mount Kailash?

Yes,Lord Shiva still resides in Mount Kailash (Kailasam or Kailayam). There are three Kailayams. First one-Uttara (north) Kailayam.This place is also known as heaven where Lord Shiva resides. It is a Sukshama Kailash where Lord Shiva resides with his wife Parvati,Sons Ganapathi and Murugan and Ganas.

How did Shiva buy down the Ganges on to Bharat Varsha (Earth)?

Sugreev instructs the ‘vanaras’ to move ahead. He gives them three more mountain peak landmarks. He mentions Mount Krauncha with a highly impassable tunnel. Like Shiva bought down the Ganges on to Bharat Varsha (earth) from the heavens (Himalayas), his son or his ‘junior’ Skanda is credited with having chiseled a tunnel through Mt. Krauncha.

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What is Kailash Parvat?

The kailash parvat where it is believed that lord shiva itself present and regulate the world. Just like a owner of MNC lives in his house but regulate his all office around the world. Who is the mother of Lord Shiva?

Did Vishwakarma build Kubera’s house on Mount Kailash?

A look on the zoomed satellite image of the Mt, Kailash at Ngari, Tibet will revel some unique well known features of Mt. Kailash. Sugriva then mentions the mansion of Kubera built on Mt. Kailasha constructed by the celestial architect Vishwakarma.