Which is the poorest country in the EU?

Which is the poorest country in the EU?

Financial and social rankings of sovereign states in Europe

  • Despite having the highest GDP growth rate in Europe, Moldova is among its poorest states, and also has Europe’s smallest GDP per capita.
  • Madrid is the financial capital of Spain, and one of the most important financial centres in Europe.

What is the least powerful country in Europe?

Estonia, a small country in Northern Europe, is viewed as the least powerful nation, followed by Slovenia. Baltic countries Latvia and Lithuania and Southeastern Europe’s Bulgaria round out the bottom five.

Are there any poor countries in Europe?

List of 14 Poorest Countries in Europe

  1. Moldova – GDP Per capita $3,300.
  2. Ukraine – GDP Per capita $3,425.
  3. Kosovo – GDP Per capita $5,020.
  4. Albania – GDP Per capita $5,373.
  5. North Macedonia – GDP Per capita $6,096.
  6. Bosnia and Herzegovina – GDP Per capita $6,536.
  7. Belarus – GDP Per capita $6,604.
  8. Montenegro -GDP Per capita $8,704.
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What does least developed countries mean?

Least Developed Countries. The Least Developed Countries (LDCs) is a list of developing countries that, according to the United Nations, exhibit the lowest indicators of socioeconomic development, with the lowest Human Development Index ratings of all countries in the world.

How does the Union help the least-developed countries?

The Union takes part in international initiatives to assist these countries and places its instruments at their disposal. Some initiatives are directed at the least-developed countries (LDCs), the list of which is drawn up by the United Nations.

Is Moldova the least developed country in Europe?

As a whole (economic and social development), Moldova is without a doubt the least developed country in Europe, distantly followed by Ukraine and Armenia.

What is the lowest-ranking country in Europe?

Going by the metric of Human Development Index, the lowest-ranking country in Europe is Moldova. Kosovo, another poor country in southeastern Europe, might rank lower, but on account of its independence being less than universally recognized the United Nations does not have official statistics on this country.