Who owns the Colonial Pipeline?

Who owns the Colonial Pipeline?

Koch Industries
Currently, Colonial is owned by six companies: Koch Industries (28.09\%) South Korea National Pension Service and KKR through Keats Pipeline Investors (23.44\%) Caisse de depot et placement de Quebec (CDPQ) (16.55\%)

Is Colonial Pipeline privately owned?

With the exception of Shell, Colonial’s owners today are privately held companies and pension funds. The 2019 Shell deal raised its stake in the pipeline from 6\% to 16.1\%, and today Shell is the only remaining integrated oil company to have a stake in the pipeline.

What does the Line 5 pipeline carry?

Line 5 carries light crude oil and natural gas liquids, including propane, which power manufacturing, heat homes, and fuel our cars. It does not carry, and has never carried, heavy oil.

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When did Colonial Pipeline close?

May 7, 2021
On May 7, 2021, Colonial was the subject of a malware cyberattack that resulted in a shutdown of their operations. Approximately 12,000 gas stations were affected directly by the shutdown.

Who controls the pipeline?

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Interstate pipelines are managed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regulates pipelines, storage, natural gas transportation in interstate commerce, and liquefied natural gas facility construction.

Who owns the pipeline?

Nearly 82\% of large-diameter pipeline miles and 62\% of all pipeline miles in the United States are owned by 10 companies. Kinder Morgan Inc., with 32,000 miles of large-diameter pipeline, has more than double the mileage of TransCanada Corp., which acquired Columbia Pipeline Group in July 2015.

Who owns the most pipelines in the US?

The 10 largest pipeline-focused companies by enterprise value:

Company Enterprise Value Corporate Structure
Kinder Morgan (NYSE:KMI) $83.1 billion U.S. corporation
Williams Companies (NYSE:WMB) $58.2 billion U.S. corporation
MPLX (NYSE:MPLX) $39.5 billion MLP
ONEOK (NYSE:OKE) $39.0 billion U.S. corporation
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Is Line 5 pipeline shutdown?

The Biden Administration says it has no plans to shut down Enbridge Energy’s Line 5, White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said during a press conference on Tuesday.

What happens when Line 5 shutdown?

The closure of Line 5 would cause uncertainty over the delivery of energy products, which would result in spikes in consumers’ energy bills and experience difficulties in powering their homes and businesses due to propane and other energy shortages.

Did a pipeline burst in the Gulf of Mexico?

Mexico’s state-owned oil company said Friday it suffered a rupture in an undersea gas pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico, sending flames boiling to the surface in Gulf waters. But the accident gave rise to the strange sight of roiling balls of flame boiling up from below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico.

Did a pipeline break in the Gulf of Mexico?

The fire burned for more than five hours before it was extinguished, according to Pemex, the Mexican oil company that controls the pipeline.

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How are pipelines maintained?

The pipeline operator will go out to the pipe segment with an identified issue and perform the appropriate maintenance, such as reapplying protective coating, installing a patch or sleeve around the pipe or replacing that section of pipe. Preventive maintenance allows a pipeline to continue operating safely over time.