Why did Natty leave JYP?

Why did Natty leave JYP?

Former JYP trainee and “Sixteen” contestant Natty opened up about why she left the agency in the first episode of Mnet’s “Idol School.” Natty teared up as she revealed her reason for leaving the agency, saying, “I had to do well to fulfill high expectations, but it was so frustrating because I couldn’t.”

Who got first place in sixteen?


Final Pos. Name 1st (Are You A Star?)
1. Nayeon Minor
2. Jeongyeon Minor
3. Dahyun Major
4. Mina Minor

Who was the first eliminated in sixteen?

Lee Chaeyeon
Lee Chaeyeon However, she was the first trainee to be eliminated because Park Jinyoung felt she was too stiff and needed more training. Two years later, Chaeyeon left JYP to join WM Entertainment, whom she represented on 2018’s ‘Produce 48.

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When did Natty leave JYP?

2015–2017: Sixteen, Idol School and departure from JYP In May 2015, Natty participated in Mnet reality survival program Sixteen where she was pitted against 15 other trainees from JYPE to secure a spot in the label’s next girl group after Miss A and Wonder girls, later revealed to be named Twice.

When did natty join JYP?

In 2015, she became a contestant on JYP’s reality survival show SIXTEEN, the survival show that created the girl group TWICE, but was eliminated in episode 11 and hence did not debut.

Why is Twice named Twice?

The group’s name, Twice, was chosen by Park, explaining that “the group will touch people’s hearts twice: once through the ears, and once again through the eyes.”

Is Chaeyeon in JYP?

Lee Chae Yeon first began her career as an idol after making an appearance as a contestant on the reality television competition show K-pop Star 3 on November 24, 2013, along with her younger sister, Chaeryeong. Both sisters were eliminated from the competition show, but joined JYP Entertainment as trainees.

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Where is sixteen Natty now?

After Sixteen, Natty left JYP and she appeared on Mnet’s new survival show “Idol School” in 2017. She made it to the last round in Idol School but unfortunately did not debut, she placed 13th. There is no information if she will still debut or when she will debut but she is active on her Instagram.