Why do people hurt people they claim to love?

Why do people hurt people they claim to love?

According to Brené Brown’s infamous Ted Talk, shame is “the fear of disconnection”. People who carry a lot of shame think they are “unworthy of love and connection”. So, when we lash out at the people we love, it’s because we fear disconnection. The more shame we carry around with us, the worse our behaviour is.

What happens if you hurt someone you love?

What to do when you hurt the person you love? An important thing to do when you’ve hurt someone you love is to listen to them. Listen to not just their feelings and responses to your actions, but also to what they need or want you to do to make things better. Someone who feels hurt may need space or time.

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Can Lovers hurt each other without intention?

Lovers can easily hurt the beloved without intending to do so. Because the lovers are so significant to each other, any innocent remark or action can be interpreted in a manner that the other person did not intend and hence be hurtful.

What does it mean to hurt the one you love?

To love is to make oneself vulnerable in ways that enhance the possibility of pain. These and other considerations indicate how easily you can hurt the one you love without intending to do so. However, the explanation for deliberately hurting the person you love is far more complex.

What to do when someone you love is in pain?

If someone we love gets hurt or feels upset, our natural response is to comfort them and provide them with the essential care they need to make sure everything is alright again. But what about when we are the ones that are susceptible for their pain…?

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How do you deal with someone who has hurt you?

If someone has hurt you, chances are they’re suffering themselves. When both parties feel pain that they believe the other caused, they will already be on the defensive. I believe the only place from which we can work through those old woundings is one of stability, of love and trust.