Why does Disney suck at making Star Wars movies?

Why does Disney suck at making Star Wars movies?

Originally Answered: Why do the Disney Star Wars films suck? Because they are merely rehashed versions of the original trilogy. Nothing really new or exciting has been created thru the sequels, Aside from certain socially correct additions. Plus, there was so much in the Pre-Disney literature to draw from.

What Disney did to Star Wars?

Under the deal, Disney acquired ownership of Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Lucasfilm’s operating businesses in live-action film production, consumer products, video games, animation, visual effects, and audio post-production. Disney also acquired Lucasfilm’s portfolio of entertainment technologies.

What is the most successful franchise?

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Here are the 10 highest-grossing movie franchises of all time, based on worldwide box office stats, courtesy of The Numbers.

  1. Marvel Cinematic Universe. Worldwide gross: $18,263,221,776.
  2. Star Wars. Jonathan Olley, Lucasfilm.
  3. Harry Potter.
  4. James Bond.
  5. The Lord of the Rings.
  6. X-Men.
  7. Fast and the Furious.
  8. Jurassic Park.

When did Disney take over the Star Wars franchise?

As huge as Star Wars is, as massive as the franchise’s following has been from the ’70s into the new millennium, it still doesn’t compare to Disney’s reach. But Disney purchased Lucasfilm from George Lucas in 2012, and that’s when they truly extended their impact into a galaxy far, far away.

Is Disney ruining Star Wars?

The franchise has been rejuvenated thanks to Disney, but there are still 10 ways that Disney ruined Star Wars and 10 ways they made it better than what it was back when George Lucas was carrying the torch.

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Why has the Star Wars franchise been so successful?

The success of the Star Wars franchise is due to three factors: great story, innovative marketing, and clever targeting of many demographics. The first Star Wars trilogy was released in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Is Star Wars making a comeback?

Like it or not, Star Wars has returned in bigger form than it ever was in the past. Once Disney bought the rights to the franchise, they were quick to announce that the series would continue with The Force Awakens in 2015.

Are the Star Wars games better than the movies?

The Star Wars franchise was particularly well-managed throughout its expansion, with none of the spin-off content subtracting from the core story told through the movies. In fact, the stories of the video games and books are seen as an improvement over particular films.