Why is it important to perform a prepare on a backup that was created by XtraBackup?

Why is it important to perform a prepare on a backup that was created by XtraBackup?

The xtrabackup –prepare step makes the files perfectly consistent at a single instant in time, so you can run InnoDB on them. The modifications are necessary to disable InnoDB’s standard safety checks, such as complaining that the log file isn’t the right size, which aren’t appropriate for working with backups.

What is percona used for?

Percona Server for MySQL is an open source relational database management system (RDBMS). It is a free, fully compatible drop in replacement for Oracle MySQL. The software includes a number of scalability, availability, security and backup features only available in MySQL’s commercial Enterprise edition.

What is percona XtraBackup?

Percona XtraBackup is an open source tool for performing hot backups of MariaDB, MySQL and Percona Server databases. Percona XtraBackup can perform compressed, incremental and streaming backups. It was designed to back up XtraDB/InnoDB tables but can also back up other storage engines.

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Is percona XtraBackup free?

Percona XtraBackup is a free, online, open source, complete database backups solution for all versions of Percona Server for MySQL and MySQL®.

How do I use percona Xtrabackup?

Back Up MySQL with Percona Xtrabackup

  1. Prerequisites. For this tutorial, you will need the following items:
  2. Install MariaDB.
  3. Install Percona XtraBackup.
  4. Configure MariaDB.
  5. Perform Full Backup with Innobackupex.
  6. Incremental Backups with Innobackupex.
  7. Restore Full Backup with Innobackupex.

How do you use Mariabackup?

In order to back up the database, you need to run Mariabackup with the –backup option to tell it to perform a backup and with the –target-dir option to tell it where to place the backup files. When taking a full backup, the target directory must be empty or it must not exist.

What is percona server for MongoDB?

Percona Server for MongoDB is an enhanced, open source, and highly-scalable database that acts as a fully-compatible, drop-in replacement for MongoDB 4.2 Community Edition. It supports MongoDB 4.2 protocols and drivers.

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Is percona open source?

Percona Monitoring and Management A free and open-source platform for managing and monitoring MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB or other open source database performance.

How do I use XtraBackup?

  1. Step 1 – Install Percona XtraBackup. The first step is to install latest Percona XtraBackup software on our Ubuntu server.
  2. Step 2 – Configure User and Backup Directory.
  3. Step 3 – Perform Backup with Innobackupex.
  4. Step 4 – Restore Full Backup with Innobackupex.
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Does percona work with MariaDB?

Percona is the premier support provider for open source databases, including MariaDB, the most well-known fork of MySQL. We understand their diverging features, performance, and capabilities, and will help you find the right solution for you.

What is Mysqlbackup?

The mysqlbackup client is an easy-to-use tool for all backup and restore operations. During backup operations, mysqlbackup backs up: All InnoDB tables and indexes, including: Any separate data files produced with the InnoDB file-per-table setting. Each one contains one table and its associated indexes.

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How do I use XtraBackup in MySQL?