Are there any female Jem Hadar?

Are there any female Jem Hadar?

History. Since the Dominion genetically engineered the Jem’Hadar into a race of super-soldiers who felt nothing more than the compulsion to fight and die for the Founders, there are no females in their society. Kralija’s birth came about because a hatching pod of several Jem’Hadar was infected by humanoid DNA.

What happened to the female Changeling after ds9?

In the alternate future seen in the Deep Space Nine Millennium trilogy, the Female Changeling was killed when she refused to have the Dominion join with the Grigari, who, ironically, were commanded by Weyoun, the new self-proclaimed “Emissary of the True Prophets” who lived in the newly-opened red wormhole.

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Who played the changeling woman on Deep Space Nine?

Salome Jens
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S. Salome Jens (born May 8, 1935) is an American dancer and actress of stage, film and television. She is perhaps best known for portraying the Female Changeling on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in the 1990s.

What happened to the founder in DS9?

The Founders themselves were nearly wiped out by a plague, which was revealed to be a biological weapon engineered by agents of the secret clandestine Federation agency Section 31, who deliberately infected Odo with it, in the expectation that he would pass it through the Great Link.

Who was Salome Jens married to?

Ralph Meekerm. 1964–1966
Salome Jens/Spouse

Who plays the female shapeshifter?

Salome Jens (born 8 May 1935; age 86) is an actress best known for her portrayal of the Female Changeling in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Why are there no female Jem’Hadar in the Star Trek universe?

This was done to ensure the loyalty of the Jen’Hadar to the Founders. Additionally they were designed to regard the Founders as gods, and to obey their orders without question. Due to their bio-engineered nature, there were no female Jem’Hadar, all Jem’Hadar were male.

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Why don’t Jem’Hadar have chairs on their ships?

Jem’Hadar were engineered to be soldiers and ship crews, and nothing more. Their culture shunned all forms of relaxation and recreation, on the belief that such things made them weak. ( DS9: ” To the Death “) For the same reason, Jem’Hadar fighters, and probably other classes of Jem’Hadar starships, were not equipped with chairs.

What is the maximum speed of a Jem’Hadar fighter?

( DS9: ” A Time to Stand “) According to the Star Trek: Starship Spotter, the Jem’Hadar fighters featured ion propulsion units as their warp nacelles. According to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual (p. 170), fighters could achieve a maximum speed of warp 9.6, powered by a M/A warp system and one impulse system.

Why are Jem’Hadar in the Alpha Quadrant?

The Jem’Hadar served as the front line troops throughout the conflict with the Federation and its allies. Due to being cut off from Gamma Quadrant reinforcements, the Dominion began designing a specialized Alpha Quadrant version of the Jem’Hadar to fight the Alpha Quadrant races.