Can I become JYP trainee?

Can I become JYP trainee?

Do I become a trainee right after passing the online audition? Once you pass the online audition, you must take another private audition in the JYP Center. Only those who pass the final audition shall have the opportunity to participate in JYP Entertainment’s training program.

What should I wear to online audition?

How to Dress for Your On-Camera Audition

  • Casual or Home Casual: Clothing worn for relaxing or socializing with friends at home.
  • Upscale Casual: Fashionable yet comfortable party clothing.
  • Outdoors or Camping: Jeans, sweaters, denim, wool shirts and jackets.
  • Formal: Very dressy outfits, i.e., tuxedos, cocktail dresses.

How do you nail a kpop audition?

  1. Dress well. Don’t turn up in your pyjamas, but also don’t go full Lady Gaga!
  2. Get used to the waiting.
  3. Be prepared to expect the unexpected.
  4. Don’t perform a song done by a company’s artist.
  5. Pick a song that’s suited to you (and your voice)
  6. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t get in first time around.
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How hard is it to learn Korean for a JYP member?

JYP is more lowkey about learning Korean. While you should be somewhat fluent no matter what as a kpop idol, JYP doesn’t really put you the same way YG does. Take Tzuyu/Momo and Sana (TWICE) for example: While Sana is extremely fluent and seems to understand and speak Korean better than native

Does YG have Blackpink on their hands right now?

YG has BLACKPINK on their hands right now. It’s been three years since their debut, so YG probably won’t be debuting another girl group for a long time. YG also doesn’t have as solid a debut plan as some other companies. (EDIT — I made a mistake regarding the debut times for 2ne1 and BP.

Do ugly men attract beautiful women?

I’ve personally watched countless ugly men attract women that society deems beautiful. These are men who stand under 5’5”. Men who were previously 50 or even 100+ pounds overweight. Or guys who were born with asymmetrical faces, bad skin, wide-spaced eyes, genes that made them bald in their 20s, and the dreaded weak chins.