Did Robb Stark ever lose a battle?

Did Robb Stark ever lose a battle?

Not only is Robb Stark the white hat of Game of Thrones — a warm, generous and reluctant king — he’s portrayed to viewers as one of its fiercest warriors. “He’s a boy, and he’s never lost a battle!” rages his enemy, Tywin Lannister.

How strong is the stark army?

Robb Stark’s forces were 20,000 strong, made of Lords, Knights, other nobles and Sellswords.

How does Jaime Lannister escape Robb Stark?

At one point Jaime attempts to escape by beating his cousin and fellow inmate Alton Lannister to death and strangling his guard Torrhen Karstark when he comes to investigate. Jaime is soon recaptured by Robb’s bannermen, but the anger of Torrhen’s father Rickard proves fatal for Robb’s campaign in the coming months.

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Who wins Starks vs Lannisters?

Robb Stark split his force in order to separate and weaken the Lannister Army. The result of this battle was a crushing defeat of the Lannisters, with Theon suggesting that the Lannisters lost 10 men for every one man the Starks lost.

Do the Starks win the war?

After eliminating the Lannister outriders, Robb baits Jaime with a small force into a trap in the Whispering Wood, north of Riverrun. The ambush is a complete success for the Starks, who capture Jaime and nearly a hundred other knights and a dozen lords bannermen.

How big is the Lannister army?

The Lannisters deployed around 60.000 soldiers in the war against the North but it was not full force. Their full army would number around 100.000 I reckon. They lost about half of their forces in the war against Stannis and Robb, so they probably have around 60.000 men.

Does Robb Stark defeat the Lannisters?

The Battle The bulk of Robb’s forces descends on Jaime’s army and lures him into the Whispering Wood, northwest of Riverrun. In a decisive battle, Robb’s Northmen win a significant victory by defeating the Lannister army and take Jaime himself prisoner.