Did Thor destroy a multiverse?

Did Thor destroy a multiverse?

Rune King Thor and TSWAIS Thor destroyed the entire Omniverse when he became Rune King Thor, and still defeated the Gods of the Gods. There it is said that Thor has attained the true and infinite form of Yggdrasil, which exists only as a concept in some realities.

Can Thor destroy a universe?

Avenger Thor would require a lot of effort to destroy the universe, but it is still possible. Odin has several feats that put him at multiversal. First off, his battle with Seth. The battle tore the fabric of the Multiverse and imperilled untold galaxies.

Can Thor destroy planets?

Born from Odin and Gaea, the Goddess of he Earth, Thor was actually conceived to be the strongest Asgardian of all time. He’s walked in the Sun with zero discomfort, withstood bombs capable of destroying planets (while unconscious), and even his soul has proved too strong for Mephisto (the devil) to control.

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What DC characters can destroy the entire multiverse?

Anti-Monitor ( DC Comics/Arrowverse ); at his peak. Death Mwauthzyx (Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie) can destroy the entire multiverse with a turn of the satellite dish on its head. In the form of Master Mogul, Mammoth Mogul (Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog) eventually gained enough power to destroy most of the Sonic multiverse.

Why can’t Thor beat the Dr Fate?

That means trouble for Thor. Thor does primarily use magic in addition to his strength in order to fight. It just so happens the Dr. Fate is a more accomplished magic-user. A single whisper can erase Thor or send him somewhere really bad thus ending their fight abruptly in Fate’s favor.

Is there a DC equivalent to Thor?

Surprisingly, DC’s closest being to Thor (apart from Wonder Woman) is Hawkman. He has a blunt weapon, can fly, and is an old-fashioned guy who sometimes alienates his modern friends and colleagues. Still, Hawkman is incredibly lame despite his cool appearance.

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What would Dr Manhattan do to Thor if he fought him?

In any case, Dr. Manhattan would simply laugh at Thor’s face if he cared enough about their fight. Based on what he can do against the magic users and cosmic level heroes of DC in Doomsday Clock, Dr. Manhattan simply shrugs off everything. He doesn’t bleed and also has powers similar to that of Molecule Man’s in Marvel.