Does Namjoon call Suga Hyung?

Does Namjoon call Suga Hyung?

Namjoon → Yoongi: Most Commonly: Yoongi-Hyung (윤기형) . Usually he calls Yoongi simply that, but I’ve seen a few moments where he called Yoongi informally, Yoongi-yah. When it comes to Hoseok, mostly Namjoon calls him as Hoseok-ah (호석아) and just Hope (홉) .

Why does BTS call each other Hyung?

As a play on his birth name, some of the BTS members call J-Hope “Hobi” or just “Hope.” Typically, the younger BTS members also refer to older members as “Hyung,” as a sign of respect and as a tradition in South Korea.

Can I call BTS members Hyung?

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The oldest members of BTS, which consist of Jin, SUGA, J-Hope and RM. “Hyung (형)” means older brother and is only used by males when referring to an older male while “line (라인)”, in this case, refers to a group of 2 or more people that share the same attribute described by the preceding word.

Why does Yoongi call Jin Hyung?

Jimin and V do not call each other hyung but Jiminshi/jimini/jimin-ah. Because they share a more casual friendship. Jin is the eldest in BTS and hence deserves more respect. So no matter how casual the friendship is, he still will be considered a ‘hyung’ by the members.

Why do they call Hoseok Hobi?

The story is surprisingly simple. As a Redditor explains, the Korean pronunciation of “hope” sounds more like “Hob” with a soft B. Add “i” to that as way to adrress J-Hope, and you have Hobi.

Is Jin and Suga the same age?

Jin is the oldest member of BTS at 28 years old. His birthday is December 4, 1992. Suga is 28 years old – his birthday is March 9, 1993. V is 25 years old – his birthday is December 30, 1995.

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Does Jungkook call Taehyung Hyung?

The fact that jungkook is the only one who can call taehyung “hyung” makes it 10x funnier ahahah | Bts memes hilarious, Bts funny, Twitter bts.

Why did Jin Hyung leave YG after Mix & Match?

However, because the percentage of votes from the fans as much as 70\%, Chanwoo was declared the winner and Jin-hyung lost in the percentages After losing on Mix & Match, Jin-hyung didn’t leave YG right away. He and Hongseok decided to stay with YG and continue his trainee days

Who is joyjin-hyung from Team B?

Jin-hyung was a YG trainee who joined Team B, along with Chanwoo, in May, 2014, and followed him to the program Mix & Match Jin-hyung ever stayed in Australia Jin-hyung is a fan of the manga “One Piece”, and treats one of his comics as a treasured thing

What happened to Jung Jin-hyung and Yang Hong Seok?

Yang Hong Seok transferred to Cube Entertainment, where he debuted in the group Pentagon. Jung Jin-hyung didn’t make it to a debut, and went on a hiatus until rumors started spreading that he was going to be a contestant on the trainee survival show under Mnet, Produce 1O1 Season 2.

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What does Jackson call JB Hyung?

Jackson calls JB hyung, though he has expressed confusion over this distinction many times in the past. “There’s only two months between us,” Jackson explained. “At first I didn’t know. Everyone else called him hyung, so I did too. But after a year and a half, I asked him what year he was born in, and he said he was born in January 1994.