How do I learn WebLogic version?

How do I learn WebLogic version?

Viewing the WebLogic Server Version Number

  1. Select the Console node in the navigation tree.
  2. Click the Versions tab. Version information appears in the right panel.

What is the basic requirement for starting a WebLogic server?

Startup Requirements

Category Accepted or Minimum Values
CPU Speed At least 300MHz.
Monitor At least 256 colors (this is a requirement for the graphical mode installer only).
Swap Space At least 512MB.
JDK See Java Development Kit (JDK) Requirements for more information about JDK verification on your system.

What is WebLogic clustering?

A WebLogic Server cluster consists of multiple WebLogic Server server instances running simultaneously and working together to provide increased scalability and reliability. The server instances that constitute a cluster can run on the same machine, or be located on different machines.

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How do I know if WebLogic is OEM?

[WebLogic] How to check Oracle WebLogic version.

  1. From registry.xml in MW_HOME. Go to Middleware Home under which WebLogic is installed and look for file registry.xml.
  2. From WebLogic Admin Server logfile. Log file are located at $DOMAIN_HOME/servers/AdminServer/admin/AdminServer.
  3. From class weblogic.version.

What port is WebLogic running on?

You can view the port numbers of the domain, the Administration Server, Managed Servers, or components, such asOracle HTTP Server, using Fusion Middleware Control. For example, to view the ports of a domain: From the navigation pane, select the domain. From the WebLogic Domain menu, choose Monitoring, then Port Usage.

How do I know if WebLogic is running?

In the Summary of Servers section on the right pane, click the Control tab. Check the check box for bi_server1 listed in the table and select Start. In the confirmation pane, select Yes to start the server. Verify that there is output for the three WebLogic processes showing that the WebLogic server is running.