How do you resolve a SOC1 ABEND?

How do you resolve a SOC1 ABEND?

1) Bad reference of memory. 3) If occurs clause is used in your program than out of subscript could result in SOC1. 4) If redefine clause is used in your program than it could also result in SOC1.

What is SOC1 ABEND mainframe?

A SOC1 abend is an Operation Exception and caused by an invalid instruction. Remember that Cobol is compiled to produce the assembly instructions in object module format. That goes into the link edit step to produce the load module. The most common reason for a SOC1 is an unresolved external reference from link edit.

How do I fix soc4 ABEND in Cobol?

How to Resolve S0C4? You can check if there are any un initialized indexes or subscripts in the program. You can check if the program is reading any file which is not opened. You can check if the LRECL matches with the length of file specified in file descriptor in COBOL.

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How do you resolve S0C7 ABEND in Cobol?

Immediate solution for S0C7 error is removing the input record which is causing this issue and running the job with remaining records. To find out the erroneous record , you can check sysout or abend-aid/fault-aid storage information.

What is SB37 sd37 SE37?

SB37: There are not enough space or no more extents available on the current volume. The system gave all the primary space and as much secondary space as it could. SE37: When there are no more volumes available.

What is Soc4 error and SOC7 error?

Soc4-Protection exception, usually caused by an invalid index and subscript to an array. soc7-Caused due to bad data, in case of numeric data we are moving non-numeric,in case of numeric comparison we are finding space.

How do I fix my SE37 abend?

SE37: When there are no more volumes available….Steps to Fix Space Abend in PDS:

  1. Compress the data set, if it is a PDS, by doing the following:
  2. Allocate a larger data set and copy into it by doing the following:
  3. Cancel the new material entered in the edit session by entering cancel on the COMMAND line.
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How do you resolve a Socb Abend?

This ABEND is caused by a decimal divide exception. A Quotient exceeds the specified data field size. Dividing by zero is the most common cause of this ABEND. Correct the program logic error that caused the divide exception and resubmit the job.

How does soc7 Abend offset resolve?

go to spool and take the last four bytes of offset. open the compiler listing and find those 4 bytes in the compiler listing. you can find the position, where S0C7 occured. In this way , we can find the position where S0C7 error got generated.