How many students go to Unacademy?

How many students go to Unacademy?

The company has a network of over 5,00,000 registered educators, and offers preparation material for several professional and educational entrance exams. Unacademy lessons are in the form of Live Classes both free and via subscription.

Is Unacademy good for students?

Unacademy is one of the best platform for students as well as teachers and it is quite affordable as compared to other platforms and offline classes as well. Wifi Study is also the part of unacademy and wifi study is totally free of cost .

Do students get gift from Unacademy?

If the learner is eligible for the gift, they will be reached out to by a member of the Unacademy team to get their address details in the first week of the month on the registered email id used at the time of referral. Q. You will receive Amazon gift vouchers on your registered email ID from [email protected].

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How do you get free weeks on Unacademy?

If your friend uses your referral code and subscribes for 6 months, you’ll get a 6-week extension on your existing subscription. Similarly, if your friend subscribes for 1 month, you’ll get a 1-week of free extension. If your friend takes a 12-month subscription, you’ll get a 12-week extension for free.

How do I raise my Unacademy credit score?

How to Improve Your Score Pay all bills on time. Pay any delinquent bills and Lower your total credit card debt.

What are the problems with the concept of unacadamy?

The 1st fundamental problem with the concept of unacadamy is that everyone can be a teacher. Well this is wrong. Everyone can not become a teacher for teaching thousands of students. To be a good teacher one should have knowledge, experiance,maturity and on the top of it the teaching skill which is lacking in the unacadamy tuters.

Is Unacademy a good place to learn?

Almost all simple learning can be done on youtube – people dont get everything there because the search cost is too high. Unacademy’s curation is pretty average so there is a lot of noise Flair candidates who provide something different. These are your IIT, IIM graduates who chip in because they get social standing and it makes them feel good.

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Is Unacademy copying videos from my questionbank?

Unacademy has more than 200 instances of videos carrying questions from my questionbank. Some have been copied by their “verified” educators, some by their “paid” educators. I have brought up this issue with them and they have told me to highlight this and promised me they would look into this.