How the Dominion lost the war?

How the Dominion lost the war?

The 2,800 Dominion ships in the wormhole disappeared, and with two hundred Allied ships approaching Bajor, the Dominion position on Deep Space 9 became untenable. The Dominion withdrew all forces to Cardassian territory, giving the Allied forces a decisive victory.

Did the federation start the war with the Dominion?

Sisko Starts The War Nothing the Dominion has done to date comes close to Gowron’s crimes – and yet Sisko enters an alliance with him. The moment Gowron agrees to Sisko’s terms and forms an alliance with the UFP in “By Inferno’s Light” is the moment the Dominion War began.

Did Cardassia join the Federation?

It’d be easy to jump to the conclusion that Cardassia is now part of the Federation, but that isn’t for certain. This Cardassian officer may be one of few, or perhaps even the only one serving in Starfleet, similar to Worf being the first Klingon Starfleet officer and Nog being the first Ferengi to join Starfleet.

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What happened to Cardassia after the Dominion War?

After the devastation of the Dominion War the Union is reverting to a more liberal and civil society. The Union is ruled by the Detapa Council. Currently Natima Lang is the head of state. The new democratic Cardassia is challenged by the militaristic True Way rebellion.

Why did the Dominion lose the Dominion War?

The Prophets were the single biggest reason the Dominion lost the war. The Dominion war started after the Federation mined the wormhole, because the Dominion forces in the Alpha quadrant didn’t like the idea of being cutoff from the core of the Dominion in the Gamma quadrant, for good reason.

What did the Dominion do to the Federation?

Concurrently, the Dominion was almost able to instigate a war between the Federation and the Tzenkethi, and caused mass hysteria on Earth following the bombing of the Antwerp Conference in 2372, which in turn led to a failed coup attempt of Starfleet personnel under Admiral Leyton.

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Why did the Dominion send a changeling to the Defiant?

The Dominion sent a Changeling to infiltrate the Defiant and eradicate a Tzenkethi colony in order to create another rift between the Federation and Tzenkethi in “The Adversary.” The plot was unsuccessful, but it remains unknown if knowledge of the events became public or were provided to the Tzenkethi.

What was the Dominion War in Star Trek?

” The Dominion War was a major interstellar conflict, fought from 2373 to 2375, though related conflicts began earlier. The war involved all major powers of the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants, organized into two opposing military alliances: the Federation Alliance and the Breen-Dominion Alliance.