How would you describe Saddam Hussein?

How would you describe Saddam Hussein?

Saddam Hussein was a secularist who rose through the Baath political party to assume a dictatorial presidency. Under his rule, segments of the populace enjoyed the benefits of oil wealth, while those in opposition faced torture and execution.

What is the legacy of Saddam Hussein?

Saddam Hussein led Iraq from 1979 to 2003. But over a decade after his death, Saddam’s legacy remains a divisive issue. The instability in Iraq, caused in part by the war, means that some Iraqis long for the security of tyrannical rule, while others cannot forget the extreme brutality he unleashed on the Iraqi people.

How did Saddam come to power?

In 1976, Saddam rose to the position of general in the Iraqi armed forces, and rapidly became the strongman of the government. As the ailing, elderly al-Bakr became unable to execute his duties, Saddam took on an increasingly prominent role as the face of the government both internally and externally.

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How did Saddam Hussein gain power?

He was the de facto leader of Iraq some years before he formally came to power in 1979. He slowly began to consolidate his power over Iraq’s government and the Ba’ath party. Relationships with fellow party members were carefully cultivated, and Saddam soon accumulated a powerful circle of support within the party.

What were Saddam Hussein’s goals?

His goals as president were to supplant Egypt as leader of the Arab world and to achieve hegemony over the Persian Gulf. Saddam launched an invasion of Iran’s oil fields in September 1980, but the campaign bogged down in a war of attrition.

How did Saddam become president?

Saddam began to assert open control of the government in 1979 and became president upon Bakr’s resignation. He then became chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council and prime minister, among other positions.

Where did Saddam live as a child?

Saddam Hussein was born in a village near the city of Tikrīt, Iraq. At a young age, he moved to Baghdad to live with his uncle. How did Saddam Hussein influence the world? To assert Iraq’s hegemony over its neighbours, Saddam led Iraq into war with Iran in the Iran-Iraq War and with Kuwait in the lead-up to the Persian Gulf War.

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Where did Saddam go to Law School?

He attended Cairo Law School (1962–63) and continued his studies at Baghdad Law College after the Baʿthists took power in Iraq in 1963. The Baʿthists were overthrown that same year, however, and Saddam spent several years in prison in Iraq.