Is a specialist and a corporal the same rank?

Is a specialist and a corporal the same rank?

A corporal is considered a noncommissioned officer (NCO), which means he has some supervisory responsibilities. A specialist is not an NCO but a skilled and experienced worker in his MOS. Going from specialist to corporal is considered a lateral appointment, not a promotion, since both are the same pay grade.

Does specialist outrank corporal?

In practice, the corporal outranks a specialist and will be treated as an NCO by the soldiers below him or her. The specialist is still an E-4 level expert at his or her MOS. That’s why a specialist is also known as a “sham shield” — all the responsibility of a private grade with all the pay of a corporal.

Is specialist to corporal a promotion?

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According to new regulations set forth by Army Regulation 600-8-19, effective June 1, active duty specialists who have been recommended by a promotion board to advance to sergeant and have completed Basic Leader Course will be promoted to the rank of corporal.

What does a specialist E4 do in the Army?

E-4 Specialist – U.S. Army Ranks Specialist is a junior enlisted rank in the United States Army, equivalent in salary to a Corporal. Specialists have basic management duties and may command soldiers of lower rank, although most leadership duties at this pay grade are the responsibility of Corporals.

What is a specialist E-4 in the Army?

What is a Specialist 4 in the Army?

Rank of U.S. Army Specialist 4 A specialist 4 typically does not have command responsibilities, but is more focused on being technically proficient in a particular field of expertise. A specialist 4 holds the highest of the U.S. Army’s junior enlisted ranks.

Why does the Army have two E4 ranks?

While both corporals and specialist E-4 U.S. Army members hold the same pay grade, the specialist E-4 designation is more common. This is because a specialist does not have command-related duties and is a commissioned officer.