Is BTS Jin enlisting in 2021?

Is BTS Jin enlisting in 2021?

Jin is already safe till the end of 2021 because of enrolment in an online graduate program, which legally allows a one-year delay. However, without another postponement granted by the government, he will have to join in 2022.

Will BTS continue after Jin goes to military?

Will BTS serve military in South Korea? This will allow BTS Jin to keep performing as he will turn 30 in December 2022 while all the seven members of the BTS band can continue to perform until Jin goes to the military in December.

What year will Jin enlist?

If BTS is considered eligible for the deferment, the group’s eldest member Jin will be able to postpone his enlistment until 2022.

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Is BTS enlisting in the Army?

On June 23, the Korean government said that BTS’ mandatory enlistment will be delayed if they submit an application. In December 2020, South Korea’s parliament passed a bill allowing the biggest K-pop stars, including BTS, to postpone their compulsory military service until the age of 30.

Is BTS enlisting together in 2022?

BTS requests for enlistment deferral to continue with group activities until 2022. On November 25, it was reported that all members of BTS have applied for enlistment deferral. This means that they can continue with their group activities until next year (2022).

Will BTS join the military?

BTS, the band group that has already attained 18 Guinness World records, must go to the army. They may enlist in the military together next year i.e. 2022. Big Hit Music has broken its silence on this matter and confirmed their enlistment.

When will BTS go to the military?

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There’s been a new rule change, BTS will not be able to push off the enlistment until they’re 30 like before. Now, they have to enlist when called, and if a member is the same age they enlist at the same time, also they cannot enlist all at one time. This is the order of when BTS will enlist in the military: Jin: 2020.

Is BTS going to the military?

Jin from BTS is going to the military like every male Korean. All Korean men are required to serve in the military at least 24 months.

Do BTS have to enlist in military service?

All Korean men between the age of 18 and 28 are required to serve in the country’s military for about 20 months . There’s some relief for ARMY. On June 23, the Korean government said that BTS ‘ mandatory enlistment will be delayed if they submit an application. “BTS hasn’t submitted an application for military service yet.