Is curren a luxury brand?

Is curren a luxury brand?

Watch Information

Band Colour Black
Case Material Metal, Stainless Steel
Collection Luxury
Dial Colour Black

Is curren a Chinese brand?

Curren is a Chineese Brand and Maxima is Indian.

Where is Curren watches manufactured?

Curren Watch – Curren Watches Manufacturer from Surat.

Which country made Naviforce?

Guangzhou Xiangyu Watches
Naviforce is an independent watch brand operated by Guangzhou Xiangyu Watches Co. Ltd. Established in 2013, the company is committed to R&D, production and sales of cross-border watch.

Is curren a quality watch?

5.0 out of 5 stars… just want to say that these CURREN watches are awesome!! I own several expensive watches and these by far equal them in looks and quality . Just know that the smaller dials do not function and they are just for looks .

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Why are Curren and Maxima watches so famous?

They are famous by Popularity in a Market segment that they are presently selling. They are entry level watches which are good for everyday wear with minimal functionality. Curren is a Chineese Brand and Maxima is Indian.

What is the best mid range watch brand to buy?

16 Best Mid-Range Watch Brands. 1 1. Tissot. There a few watches similar to Tissot. Swiss watchmaker Tissot came out the gate swinging in 1853. That was when they introduced the first 2 2. William Wood Watches. 3 3. Oris. 4 4. Longines. 5 5. Formex Swiss Watches.

What are some of the best Swiss watches?

The Swiss watches manufacturing company introduced a series of chronographs, Chronosplit and stopwatch. Hublot is one of the most popular luxury watchmaker from Switzerland, best known for making Breil watches. LVMH had acquired Hublot, TAG Heuer is also brand of LVMH headquartered in Paris.

Which is the best brand of watches for men in India?

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Follow the link for best brand of watches for men in India. Titan company is the largest consumer company of Tata Group and most popular Indian consumer goods brand with a joint venture between Tata and TIDCO.