Is it safe to live in Togo?

Is it safe to live in Togo?

Crime. Violent crime, theft and pick-pocketing are common throughout Togo and you should be especially cautious in Lomé along the beach and in the markets. Attacks occur during daylight as well as at night. You should avoid travelling alone where possible, even within Lomé city limits, especially at night.

What do people do for a living in Togo?

Employment in Togo Most of the nation’s population work in agriculture, but a third of the Togolese people still live below the poverty line. Recent years have seen the cotton industry come to the forefront in Togo and it is now one of the country’s biggest exports, along with coffee and cocoa.

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Is Togo a good country?

Granted independence from France in 1960, Togo has struggled to build a stable country and economy. Togo is one of the world’s top five producers of phosphates, which are used in fertilisers, but remains poor and dependent on foreign aid.

How much does it cost to live in Togo?

Family of four estimated monthly costs are 2,374$ (1,376,619CFA) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 685$ (396,908CFA) without rent. Cost of living in Togo is, on average, 37.49\% lower than in United States. Rent in Togo is, on average, 87.42\% lower than in United States.

Is Togo beautiful?

The beauty of Togo will be wasted if you do not take a hike up its beautiful mountains that overlooks some of the most gorgeous views in the country. Located near the Ghana border, it lies to the south east of Kpalimé in the Plateaux Region of Togo. This adventure would be another tick to your bucket list.

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What is special about Togo?

Togo is among the smallest countries in Africa, and enjoys one of the highest standards of living on the continent owing to its valuable phosphate deposits and a well-developed export sector based on agricultural products such as coffee, cocoa bean, and peanuts (groundnuts), which together generate roughly 30\% of …

Why Togo is the most unhappy country in the world?

This small West African nation is the saddest country in the world. Togo used to be the heart of slave trade in Africa. Rifts between the country’s leaders over power has left the people to fend for themselves, resulting in immense poverty.

How much is Coke in Togo?

Summary of cost of living in Togo

1 kg (2 lb.) of potatoes 3,157 Franc
0.5 l (16 oz) domestic beer in the supermarket 674 Franc
1 bottle of red table wine, good quality 2,888 Franc
2 liters of coca-cola 712 Franc
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What is the average salary in Togo?

Togo’s employees earn $23,500 annually on average, or $11 per hour, which is 95\% lower than the national salary average of $66,000 per year. According to our data, the highest paying job at Togo’s is a Shift Manager at $23,000 annually while the lowest paying job at Togo’s is a Cashier at $16,000 annually.