Is Jin the most worldwide handsome?

Is Jin the most worldwide handsome?

A beauty website called Andrey Beauty Studio had declared Kim Seokjin as the best looking man in the world last year. Also popular for his vocal range, the Bangtan singer is known among fans for his perfectly symmetrical oval face. Jin’s ‘Worldwide Handsome Title’ is not exaggerated at all.

Why Kim Seokjin is worldwide handsome?

His unabashed display of confidence as he calls himself Worldwide Handsome is adored by fans as it reflects his humour, self-confidence and self-love. The handsome singer who has given us wonderful songs like Epiphany, Moon, Abyss and Awake is super confidence about going without makeup.

Why is BTS Jin called worldwide handsome?

Jin represents the visual aspects of BTS and pairs up with this well due to his natural looks. A Korean plastic surgeon has mentioned that Jin’s face is perfect and just everything about it, from his eyes, nose, and lips, is on point. It explains why he is known as Worldwide Handsome.

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Why do we love Jin so much?

The facts only point to one result: Jin has a worldwide handsome face and an even more worldwide handsome heart. It’s extremely soul-stirring to see people sharing their blessings like this! Add a comment… Instagram Okay, it’s safe to assume that we can universally agree that RJ is one of the main reasons why we love Jin.

What is it about Jin’s hair that makes him so attractive?

Jin’s visuals are the best when he makes his hair in a way that they expose his forehead. It gives a complete exposure to his handsome face and thus we can’t stop appreciating his beautiful features. Well, there is a separate fan base for Jin’s exposed forehead!

Is Jin the world’s most perfect male face?

Last June, Jin was chosen as the ‘World’s Most Perfect Male Face’ by Sluis Painting, a Dutch visual artist team. Your browser does not support video. The team took celebrities from 43 countries and used the latest face mapping technique to find the best male and female faces in the world.