What are the different versions of Thor?

What are the different versions of Thor?

10 Best Alternative Versions Of Thor (Including Throg)

  1. 1 Jane Foster. Jane Foster become of the best and most intriguing versions of Thor in main continuity when Thor was deemed unworthy of Mjolnir.
  2. 2 King Thor.
  3. 3 Storm.
  4. 4 Ultimate Thor.
  5. 5 Iron Hammer.
  6. 6 Thor-El.
  7. 7 Thor 2099.
  8. 8 Ragnarok.

Is there more than one Thor?

There’s still the other Thor, the original Thor [played by Chris Hemsworth].” Waititi also went on to clarify the confusion over the name of Portman’s character in the new film, “she’s not called Female Thor. “Thor: Love and Thunder” is set to hit theaters on November 5, 2021.

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Is Mortal about Thor?

Nat Wolff stars in Mortal, a new fantasy action film inspired by Norse mythology. A young American man hiking through Norway’s countryside just might be the modern incarnation of the Norse god Thor in Mortal, an intriguing new film from Norwegian Director André Øvredal.

Who is the horse looking Thor?

Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill
First appearance The Mighty Thor #337 (November 1983)
Created by Walt Simonson
In-story information
Species Korbinite

How many Thors of Thor are there in Marvel?

The Many Thors Of Marvel. 1 Thor Odinson. Thor Odinson, as far as Marvel Comics is concerned, is the original. First appearing in 1962’s Journey Into Mystery #83, he’s initially 2 The Ultimate Thor. 3 The Mighty Thor. 4 Beta Ray Bill. 5 Red Norvell.

What is the most powerful version of Thor?

Marvel Comics: 10 Most Powerful Alternate Versions Of Thor. 1 10 Dani Cage. The first version of Thor that has come about in recent years comes from the world of Old Man Logan, in the world known as the 2 9 Thorion. 3 8 Thor 2099. 4 7 Beta Ray Bill. 5 6 Iron Hammer.

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Is there a new Thor coming out in 2014?

Marvel announced that in October 2014 there will be a new Thor who is female. As revealed in the aftermath of the Original Sin storyline, Thor lost his ability to wield Mjolnir, which was later found by Jane Foster who obtains Thor’s power and his name.

Is there an alternate version of Thor in Secret Wars?

Cover of Secret Wars #2 (July 2015), featuring many alternate versions of Thor. Art by Alex Ross. This is a page that shows the alternative versions of Thor, based on the mythological character . 2.13 What If?