What can I do instead of IXL?

What can I do instead of IXL?

Compare features, ratings, user reviews, pricing, and more from IXL competitors and alternatives in order to make an informed decision for your business.

  • MySchool SIS. MySchool ltd.
  • QuickSchools.
  • USATestprep. USATestprep.
  • Khan Academy. Khan Academy.
  • Lumos Stepup. Lumos Learning.
  • Pearson. Pearson.
  • Edsby.
  • Pinlearn.

Is IXL or Khan Academy better?

IXL has better learning for Maths when compared to Khan Academy. Though, only after the revision of the learned topics, does the IXL teach new topics, whereas it is not the same with Khan Academy. The review and practice from IXL seem better than that of Khan Academy.

Is Brilliant org legit?

Parents need to know that Brilliant is a forum where motivated kids share math and physics problems and solutions. As with any online forum, there are some safety concerns, but it’s mostly a safe place for math fiends to challenge each other and learn from their peers.

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Is IXL offering free membership?

Yes! IXL offers a free classroom trial for teachers that provides full access to all subjects for you and your students. Sign up at and then visit IXL’s Learning Hub for helpful resources on getting started.

Why is IXL so hated?

The problem about IXL is it’s rigged. The point system is glitched and it doesn’t help kids. I looked at recent reviews and it actually makes students less engaged in the lesson IXL has to offer. Also, I found that some of the lessons make you assume genders.

Is ixixl a good alternative to Khan Academy?

IXL (or TenMarks, or Kumon, or Study Island, or other options) are better in some ways than Khan Academy — but that’s a moot point in most public schools, because there’s no way they can shell out $20 per student per year. But if you already have the devices and a high-speed internet connection, then Khan Academy is a no-brainer.

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What are the best IXL alternatives in 2021?

The best alternative is Khan Academy, which is free. Other great sites and apps similar to Ixl are (Freemium), Pocket Scholar (Paid), Grok Learning (Freemium, Open Source) and NSES (Freemium). This page was last updated Jul 8, 2021 Ixl info, screenshots & reviews Alternatives to Ixl

What are the best resources for learning Khan Academy for beginners?

Khan Academy is absolutely the best FREE resource for this. IXL (or TenMarks, or Kumon, or Study Island, or other options) are better in some ways than Khan Academy — but that’s I’m one of about 300 Khan Academy Ambassadors in the United States.

Are Khan Academy and IXL aligned to Common Core?

Both Khan Academy and IXL are aligned (or aligning to) common core. Khan academy is currently aligning its curriculum to common core standards in math, ELA and more. As of writing, many courses have already been aligned, although courses for some grades are still in beta. IXL is already standards aligned.