What GPA do you need to get into Harvey Mudd College?

What GPA do you need to get into Harvey Mudd College?

4.17 GPA
To have the best shot of getting in, you should aim for the 75th percentile, with a 1560 SAT or a 35 ACT. You should also have a 4.17 GPA or higher. If your GPA is lower than this, you need to compensate with a higher SAT/ACT score.

What is average SAT for Harvey Mudd?

Reading and Writing 720-770, Math 770-800 (2019–20)
Harvey Mudd College/Typical SAT scores

Who gets in to Harvey Mudd?

Harvey Mudd College admissions is more selective with an acceptance rate of 18\%. Half the applicants admitted to Harvey Mudd College have an SAT score between 1490 and 1570 or an ACT score of 34 and 35.

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Does Harvey Mudd require Subject Tests?

Harvey Mudd eliminates SAT/ACT requirement for Fall 2021, Fall 2022 applicants. Recognizing how the COVID-19 pandemic has severely limited the ability for students worldwide to gain access to standardized testing, Harvey Mudd will be test-optional for the graduating classes of 2021 and 2022.

How do I prepare for a Harvey Mudd interview?

You should be prepared to talk about yourself, what you are looking for in a college environment/experience and why you are interested in Harvey Mudd College. We encourage students to spend time learning about HMC before the interview in order to get the most out of the interview.

Is Harvey Mudd easy to get into?

Harvey Mudd College has an average acceptance rate of 14\%, making it the 8th lowest acceptance rate out of all California colleges. Students who are admitted to Harvey Mudd College usually graduate in the top 1\% of their class, so Harvey Mudd admissions definitely enforces exceptional grade requirements.

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How hard is Harvey Mudd to get into?

Many schools say they have no SAT score cutoff, but the truth is that there is a hidden SAT requirement. This is based on the school’s average score. The average SAT score composite at Harvey Mudd is a 1530 on the 1600 SAT scale. This score makes Harvey Mudd Extremely Competitive for SAT test scores.

The average high school GPA of the admitted freshman class at Harvey Mudd College was 3.96 on the 4.0 scale indicating that primarily A- students are accepted and ultimately attend. The school ranks #7 in California for highest average GPA. Meeting these GPA requirements alone is not enough to gain admission as HMC is a very selective school.

What is Harvey Mudd’s Score Choice policy?

Harvey Mudd has the Score Choice policy of “All Scores.”. This means that Harvey Mudd requires you to send all SAT scores you’ve ever taken to their office. This sounds daunting, but most schools don’t actually consider all your scores equally.

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Is a 1490 a good SAT score for Harvey Mudd?

In other words, a 1490 places you below average, while a 1560 will move you up to above average. There’s no absolute SAT requirement at Harvey Mudd, but they really want to see at least a 1490 to have a chance at being considered. Here’s the breakdown of new SAT scores by section: