What is 13CR?

What is 13CR?

13\% Chromium (13Cr) and Super 13\% Chromium (S13Cr) materials to be used in sweet CO2 environments at high temperature. In flow wetted tubulars, OCTG carbon steels are known to suffer from mass loss corrosion in CO2 environments.

Is 13CR stainless steel?

JFE Steel’s JFE-13CR is a martensitic stainless steel which combines high performance in these corrosive enviroments at a reduced cost. For fields with more severe conditions including high temperature and containing not only CO2 but small amounts of H2S, JFE Steel developed JFE-HP-13CR (HP1 and HP2) material.

What is valve CF8?

CF8 Valves are made up of a material that has carbon, manganese, silicon, sulfur phosphorus, 18\% chromium, 8\% nickel and molybdenum in the composition. The material has high strength, pressure capacities and high operating temperatures.

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What is CF8M valve?

A CF8M ball valve is designed for use as a control mechanism in liquid and gas flow systems. It is made of an alloy of metals that are represented by the letters in its name. The addition of Molybdenum in the alloy makes it highly resistant to corrosion from acids, halides, and chlorides like those found in seawater.

What is Super 13Cr material?

Super 13Cr is a martensitic stainless steel that offers high performance and excellent corrosion resistance in CO2 environment. A 110 ksi version is also available for standard and CO2 Service. This material is used in downhole completion tools for components such as packer, safety valves as well as other applications.

What is F6a material?

ASTM A182 F6a is a forged martensitic stainless steel with 13 wt. \% chromium. Martensitic stainless steels can be high-carbon or low-carbon steel alloys. These material grades, for example ASTM A182 F6a class 1, are unique materials with different properties.

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What is the difference between CF8 and CF8M?

CF8M contains 2\% to 3\% molybdenum that CF8 does not have, so we might expect CF8M to cost more. That is not usually the case. However, CF8M contains 2\% to 3\% molybdenum that CF8 does not have, so we might expect CF8M to cost more.

Is CF8 the same as 304?

Stainless Steel SA-351 CF8 is the cast equivalent of Type 304 Stainless Steel, part of a range of austenitic chromium-nickel alloys that provide good strength and ductility. They are also known as 18/8 stainless due to their chemical composition which includes approximately 18\% chromium and 8\% nickel by weight.

What is the difference between CF3M and CF8M?

CF3M has similar corrosion resistance and mechanical properties to CF8M. The difference is that the tensile yield strength of CF3M is somewhat less than that of CF8M at ambient temperatures. CF3M alloy is limited to a maximum temperature of 800F.