What is the rank of JCO in Indian Army?

What is the rank of JCO in Indian Army?

The JCO ranks in the Indian Army and the Pakistan Army (from highest to lowest) are: Subedar Major/Risaldar Major. Subedar/Risaldar. Naib Subedar/Naib Risaldar.

Which is the highest officer rank in the Indian Army?

Field Marshal
Field Marshal (or field marshal, abbreviated as FM) is a five–star general officer rank and the highest attainable rank in the Indian Army. Field Marshal is ranked immediately above general, but not exercised in the regular army structure.

What is the rank of commissioning officer in Indian Army?

Ranks And Salary Structure Of Commissioned Officers 1 # Lieutenant. This is the first rank that a candidate gets who has been freshly recruited as an officer. 2 # Captain. A person who has served as a lieutenant in the Indian army for at least 2 years, is eligible to become a captain in the Army. 3 # Major.

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What is the salary of a JCO in the Indian Army?

The basic grade pay for a Subedar Major is 4,800 rupees. Fact: JCO is a very prestigious post and even officers are supposed to follow protocols while addressing them. As you know now, that Subedar Major (JCO) is as far as a soldier can be promoted to.

What is the next rank after Havildar in the Indian Army?

Hawildar is also called NCOs (Non-Commissioned Officers) and have authority to command. After Havildar, the next rank a soldier is promoted to is a Naib Subedar also called JCO ( Junior Commissioned Officer) with basic grade pay of 2,800 rupees.

What is the rank of an officer in the Indian Air Force?

India Air Force cadres can be divided into two main categories based on which they result in post hierarchies. In the Air Force, for the Commissioned Officer post, the starting rank is Flying Officer. The Ranks then rise to Wing Commander to Air Vice Marshal, the final Rank being Marshal of the Air Force.