What is the real account of BTS Jin in Instagram?

What is the real account of BTS Jin in Instagram?

Jin, aka @jin Next is Jin’s account. The member, who just celebrated his 29th birthday, has perhaps the most coveted username: @jin.

What does Jin brother do?

Kim Seok-joongJin / Brother

Do BTS members have their own Instagram account?

Now, J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Suga and V all have their own individual Instagram accounts. Within just a few hours of going live, the accounts had close to 20 million follows each. Jungkook shared two photos on his Instagram debut.

Who is Jin’s older brother?

Jin’s older brother Kim Seok Jung and his wife, Kim Ahreum are expecting their first child.

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Does Jin have social media?

Jin’s Instagram account is @Jin. Since its creation, Jin has earned 21 million followers and thousands of likes from ARMYs. Along with other members, Jin posted behind-the-scenes pictures from the Permission to Dance on Stage concert.

Is BTS’ Jin going to be an uncle?

Fans break out in excitement at the news BTS’ Jin is going to be an uncle soon and fans of the group can’t contain their happiness. On the 27th of July (28th in South Korea) the BTS member’s brother, Kim Seokjung, made a huge announcement concerning the future of him and his wife.

What happened to Kim Seokjung’s brother?

Jin opened up about his older brother’s hardships during an interview on MBC Radio ‘s Bae Cheol Soo’s Music Camp (BCSMC) program. Like many restaurant owners, Kim Seokjung is struggling to stay afloat because of COVID-19. .

What did Jin’s Big Brother do during the pandemic?

“My big brother runs a restaurant and he’s suffering from the pandemic,” Jin said. “Nowadays, I talk to him about his difficulties. He recently sold his car to keep his business, so I’m worried about these difficulties.” Your browser does not support video.

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