What is the special in Jabalpur?

What is the special in Jabalpur?

Jabalpur is one of the most important city of Madhya Pradesh and also known as the cultural capital of state. The city is famous for major tourist attractions such as Dhuandhar Falls,Bhedaghat and Chausat Yogini Temple along with the festival of Navratri and Dusshera.

Which river is Jabalpur?

Narmada River
Jabalpur lies just north of the Narmada River in a rocky basin surrounded by low hills that are dotted with lakes and temples. Dhuandhar waterfall, near Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Who ruled Jabalpur?

When the empire fell, Jabalpur became a city-state before coming under the rule of the Satavahana dynasty (230 BCE to 220 CE). After their reign, the region was ruled locally by the Bodhis and the Senas, following which it became a vassal state of the Gupta Empire (320 to 550).

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How much rain did Jabalpur get?

In winter, there is much more rainfall in Jabalpur than in summer. This climate is considered to be Csa according to the Köppen-Geiger climate classification. In Jabalpur, the average annual temperature is 25.5 °C | 77.9 °F. Precipitation here is about 1208 mm | 47.6 inch per year.

How many rivers are there in Jabalpur?

List of Rivers in Madhya Pradesh

Sr. No. Name Connecting City
1 Narmada River Jabalpur Vadodara
2 Chambal River Kota
3 Shipra River Ujjain Ratlam Dhar Mandsaur
4 Sindh River Guna Ashoknagar Shivpuri Datia Gwalior Bhind

How many SDM are there in Jabalpur?

Group-2 – District Administration

Name Designation Fax
Shri Sher Singh Meena (IAS) Addl.District Magistrate,Urban-2 (Ranjhi) Jabalpur 0761-2624350
Shri Rajesh Batham (IAS) Addl. District Magistrate, Jabalpur
Shri J.P.Yadav S.D.M.Kundam 9753524147
Shri Namah Shivay Arjaria SDM Adhartal 9425744385

How many dams are there in Jabalpur?

Bargi Dham of Jabalpur is an important dam out of 30 Dams on the river Narmada. The importance of this Dam also increases because it is a major source of water supply in Jabalpur and the surrounding areas.

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Is Jabalpur developed city?

Jabalpur has been selected as one of the hundred Indian cities to be developed as a smart city under Smart Cities Mission.