Which is more popular Kdrama or K-Pop?

Which is more popular Kdrama or K-Pop?

So there is no doubt that Kpop is the more popular than Kdrama. K-pop idols are more popular as they are the ones in acting the k – dramas and after one or two popular dramas their popularity sky rockets and they become much more famous than the original k-drama is or will ever be.

Is K-Pop popular in South Korea?

Kpop is the most popular music in Korea, although Western pop is a close second.

Who is the best Kpop singer in South Korea?

K-Pop Singers 1 Jungkook. One of the most loved South Korean celebrities, Jungkook is the lead vocalist, dancer and rapper of the… 2 Kim Taehyung. Kim Tae-hyung is a South Korean singer, actor, and songwriter. He is best known for his association with… 3 Jimin. 4 Lisa Manoban. Lalisa Manoban

Which K-dramas star popular idols should you watch Right Now?

Here are some of the K-dramas that star popular idols that need to be on your watchlist right now. This Gong Yoo and Lee Dong-wook starrer is one of the highest-rated TV shows in South Korea. The show follows the seemingly endless life of Kim Shin, a Goblin, who has been cursed with eternal life.

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Who are the most popular K-pop idols in 2011?

This 2011 high school drama is packed with some of the most popular K-pop idols, like IU, Bae Suzy, 2PM’s Ok Taec-yeon, Jang Woo-young, and T-ara’s Ham Eun-jung. It follows a group of friends as they navigate high school and their ultimate dreams of becoming popular singers and performers.

Who are the K-pop stars of the world?

Talking of K-pop stars, how can we forget the talented young ladies, such Ailee, BoA, and IU who are stirring up a musical storm on a global level? The K-pop industry is one of the fastest growing ones in the musical world as can be seen from the burgeoning popularity enjoyed by the contemporary K-pop artistes.