Which publications websites do you use to keep up to date on Deep Learning?

Which publications websites do you use to keep up to date on Deep Learning?

Here are a few sites that I enjoy!

  • Netflix Tech Blog on Medium.
  • Facebook Research Blog.
  • Google AI Blog.
  • Uber Engineering Blog (Click here if you want machine learning related content only)
  • Airbnb Tech Blog on Medium (Click here if you want machine learning related content only)

How do you keep AI papers?

Strategies for Keeping Up

  1. Be Realistic and Consistent. We all have a limited amount of time to spend on keeping up with AI, so be realistic and consistent.
  2. Read Papers.
  3. Watch YouTube.
  4. Subscribe to News Letters and Subreddits.
  5. Go Back to the Basics.
  6. Read Technical Blogs.
  7. Listen to Podcasts.
  8. Monitor Social Media.
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How do you read Deep Learning papers?

How to read one paper

  1. Don’t start from the first page and finish at last one.
  2. Read it in multiple passes.
  3. Read the title, abstracts, figures, experiments.
  4. Go through conclusion, Figures and skip the rest.
  5. Read the rest but skip the math.
  6. Read whole but skip the parts that don’t make sense.

Can AI write blogs?

In some cases, AI can even write blog content for you. Automated Insights uses natural language generation (NLG), an AI technology, to automatically write stories using data. Humans need to configure Automated Insights’ templates.

How do you do pose estimation?

All approaches for pose estimation can be grouped into bottom-up and top-down methods.

  1. Bottom-up methods estimate each body joint first and then group them to form a unique pose.
  2. Top-down methods run a person detector first and estimate body joints within the detected bounding boxes.

How do you keep up with data trends?

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It’s surprisingly easy to keep up with cutting-edge marketing trends if you know where to look.

  1. Sign up For Emails.
  2. Take Advantage of Training Opportunities.
  3. Get Hints from Analytical Tools.
  4. Stay Alert with Google Alerts.
  5. Go Inbound!
  6. Keep Tabs on Your Competitors.
  7. Speak to Your Customers.

How do you write a Jarvis article?

How to create a blog post outline with Jarvis Power Mode:

  1. Activate Jarvis Power Mode.
  2. Choose the “Blog Post Outline” template.
  3. Enter your blog post title/topic.
  4. Enter the “Tone of Voice” you want to use.
  5. Generate AI content.