Who is better Cavani or Lewandowski?

Who is better Cavani or Lewandowski?

Lewandowski vs Cavani – who is the better player? Lewandowski has played less than 30\% of the games in the league. Cavani has played less than 30\% of the games in the league. We only show records for players who played more than 30\% of the team played time.

Who has more goals Cavani or Lewandowski?

Few players will be as important to Manchester United beating Villarreal in the Europa League final as Edinson Cavani….The top No.9s in European football over the last decade.

Player Goals scored
Robert Lewandowski 483
Luis Suarez 438
Sergio Aguero 383
Edinson Cavani 369

Is Lewandowski a target man or finisher?

A truly masterful finisher, his expertise in this area saw him score all three goals against Schalke in clinical fashion from an Expected Goals (xG) reading of just 1.32.

Is Lewandowski a goal poacher?

Der Bomber’s all-time leading total of 365 Bundesliga goals looks safe for now, but on Saturday one of his best-marks was claimed by Bayern’s current goal-poacher supreme, as Robert Lewandowski notched for the 15th time in Der Klassiker to become the fixture’s all-time leading scorer.

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Who is better Cavani or Suarez?

The two prolific strikers have identical and closely related records for the national team, both have played 126 games but Luis Suarez has scored more goals. Luis Suárez El Pistolero has scored 65 goals while Edinson Cavani El Matador has scored 53 goals.

How many goals Lewandowski scored in his career?

How Many Goals Has Robert Lewandowski Scored? Total Career Analysis (2006 – 2021)

Teams Goals Matches
Lech Poznan 41 82
Znicz Pruszkow 21 32
Polish Selection 72 127
TOTAL 553 773

How good is Lewandowski?

With 286 goals, is by far the most prolific foreign goalscorer in Bundesliga history; he eclipsed Claudio Pizarro’s record of 195 in March 2019. Reached 50 goals for 2019/20 with his double in the German Cup final: he ended the season as top scorer in both domestic competitions after his third double with Bayern.

Is Lewandowski a complete forward?

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In a nutshell, Lewandowski is the complete striker. He can combine with his attacking midfielders, hold up play, take on defenders, latch onto balls over the top, play on the ground or in the air – and score goals of all shapes and sizes, with both feet and his head.

How many goals has Cavani scored?

Premier League Record

Appearances 31
Goals 11
Assists 3