Who would win in a fight between Thor and Iron Man?

Who would win in a fight between Thor and Iron Man?

According to the official Marvel pages, in fact, Thor barely beats out Iron Man in durability, energy, speed, and strength. He excels quite a bit over Iron Man in fighting ability. The only true advantage Iron Man has is his mind, not just in measurable intelligence, but in on-the-spot genius as well.

Who would win in a fight Iron Man or Captain America?

Despite the outcomes in the comics, Iron Man is simply stronger than Captain America. His suits are exceptionally strong and they make him much more powerful than Captain America, giving him some powers that Cap can’t really deal with. This is why Iron Man would win this fight from an objective standpoint.

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Can Iron beat Thor?

They both knock each other around a bit but Iron Man ultimately takes more damage and his best move only occurs because his suit absorbs the electricity from Thor’s lightning. Thor has also gotten stronger since then, because spoilers.

Can Black Panther beat Thor?

Theoretically, all that would be left is for Black Panther to deliver a crushing blow in order to beat Thor. While this is no easy feat, Black Panther is smart enough to be able to use Thor’s strength against him.

Does Iron Man ever give Thor a good fight?

In the Avengers film, Iron Man giving Thor a good fight was PIS, because movie Thor is much weaker than comics Thor. And anyway, when Thor WASN’T holding back, he swatted away Tony like a bug. I’m out.

How did Thor become part of the Avengers?

Thor joined the Avengers on their Time Heist and participated in the Battle of Earth, where he fought Thanos again alongside Captain America and Iron Man, the latter sacrificing his life to eliminate Thanos and his armies.

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What happened to Iron Man’s Mark 85 in Endgame?

Endgame gave us one key moment. In his fight against Thanos, Thor swung Mjolnir at Thanos and with his sword, Thanos deflected and it put Iron Man, in his Mark 85, out of commission. Is this a joke to you?

Is Thor the most powerful MCU character?

MCU Thor has always been more powerful than Iron Man. Thor beats Malekith wielding an infinity stone. Thor showed a clear edge in his fight against Iron Man, even crushing his gauntlets. Thor briefly knocks out the Hulk, holds off Hela briefly, unlocks his inner power.