Why did the Spitfire have short range?

Why did the Spitfire have short range?

Early on, Spitfires had a short range due to limited internal fuel and lack of a drop tank. However, Photo Recon spitfires had great range. I’ve read multiple accounts of 7 hour missions for PR Spitfires. This was accomplished via internal fuel tanks in place of weapons along with an external center-line drop tank.

Did the Spitfire have drop tanks?

A Mk IX Spitfire was fitted with a 75-gallon rear tank plus a 45-gallon drop tank (presumably a slipper) for 205 gallons total. For long-range escort missions, it carried two drop tanks of 62 or 90 gallons each giving a total load of at least 348 gallons, ie some 70\% more fuel than Quill’s experimental Mk IX.

What was the range of a Spitfire?

423 mi
Supermarine Spitfire/Range

The Supermarine Spitfire was designed as a short-range interceptor and despite numerous upgrades and modifications throughout the course of its service career it could never fly more than 434 miles using its internal tanks.

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Did the Spitfire and the p51 Mustang have the same engine?

Both the Spitfire and the P-51 Mustang, two of the best fighters of World War II, were powered by the iconic Merlin engine. In September 1940 Packard agreed to build the Merlin engine for both the American and the British governments, and adapted it for American mass-production methods.

What engines were fitted to Spitfires?

The Merlin and Griffon Engines. The Merlin engine was essential to Britain’s war effort, it not only powered the Spitfire, but also the Hurricane, Lancaster and Mosquito. The vast majority of Spitfires in the Battle of Britain were fitted with the Merlin III of 1,030 horsepower.

What was faster P 51 or Spitfire?

The maximum speed of a P51D was 437mph whilst the Spitfire was slightly faster at 448mph. For interception, this was clearly quite important. However, the P51D was generally more specialized than the Spitfire. In it’s main role, the Mustang proved itself as a superb escort fighter in Allied bombing raids over Germany.