Are physiotherapist respected in India?

Are physiotherapist respected in India?

Right now in 2020 Physiotherapy is a respected profession and people in govt , private hospital as well as their own clinics have a lot of scope. Like every other profession you have to pave your path.

Is physiotherapy a good career for girls in India?

BPT (Physiotherapy) is one the most demanding course for girls students due to its working pattern and vast career options. It’s very good for girls as they can join any orthopedic surgeon or doctor as a consultant or they can have their own clinic where they can go just 3–4 hr and can earn a good salary.

How many physiotherapists are there in India?

There are only 5,000 qualified physiotherapists in India whereas according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) there should be one for every 10,000 citizens. Consequently, according to WHO norms there is a shortage of 95,000 physiotherapists in India!

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Is physiotherapist in demand in India?

It a sunrise for this un explored medical science of Physiotherapy is There is a great — and rising — demand for physiotherapists with all kinds of patients, including those recovering from surgery and accidents and those suffering from chronic diseases like arthritis, needing their services.

Are physiotherapist in demand in India?

Demand and Supply India’s job market face the dearth of physiotherapist and it can be attributed to the fact that there is not much awareness about the scope and prospects of the profession. Moreover, lack of infrastructural set up to offer quality education in physiotherapy proves a major handicap.

What subjects are required to become a physiotherapist in India?

This is the minimum educational qualification required to become a physiotherapist in India. Students who have passed 12th standard with PCB subjects are eligible to pursue this course. So, if you want to become a physiotherapist, pursue Science stream with PCB subjects after 10th.

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How to become a physiotherapist?

To become a physiotherapist you must have completed the graduation in Physiotherapy or equivalent course after the 12th science stream. To enhance your career growth opportunities you can also pursue a post-graduate degree in physiotherapy as your master course. The eligibility criteria to become a physiotherapist are listed below.

What is the salary of an experienced physiotherapist in India?

An experienced Physiotherapist with 10-19 years of experience earns an average total compensation of ₹404,316 based on 97 salaries. In their late career (20 years and higher), employees earn an average total compensation of ₹610,419.

Is physiotherapy a good career option for science students?

Physiotherapy is considered as a lucrative career option for science students who intend to serve in the health sector. Students after completing their masters/ research in the subject choose to open their own Physiotherapy centers’.