Are used BMW X3 reliable?

Are used BMW X3 reliable?

The X3 earned above-average reliability ratings CR gave it a 4 out of five for reliability. There are some potential trouble spots to be aware of, though. The 2017 X3 has three NHTSA safety recalls on it.

What goes wrong with BMW X3?

Not dissimilar to any other BMW, the X3 engines are prone to oil leaks. Therefore the cover is exposed to a lot of heat and stress, and over time this can result in cracks which allow oil to leak into the engine bay. Older cars and ones with high mileage are most prone to leaking engine oil.

How many miles does a 2004 X3 last?

I bought a 2004 X3 2.5 engine new and I have 239,000 miles on it and it still runs great. Original battery lasted 11 years and I just had the original water pump replaced after 239,000 miles. I have had other minor problems over the years (to be expected) along with normal maintenance but nothing major.

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How long does the battery last in a 2004 X3?

The battery in my 2004 X3 2.5 is going strong at six years/92,000 miles. My dealer (Swope BMW, Louisville KY) performed the latest oil service on the X3 and I had a coolant flush performed at the same time.

How long will a BMW X3 inline 6 engine last?

The inline six in the X can last over 200K; aside from normal maintenance about all you may have to replace will be the valve cover gasket and the water pump. Have any used BMW inspected by a qualified BMW tech. My wife drives a 2004 X3 2.5 with over 92K on it and it has been totally reliable.

Is the X3 a good car to buy?

If you’re looking at a brand new X3, the warranty covers everything – even wiper blades – and you can get a free loaner while your car is in service. So your risk is very low for the first 50,000 miles. Also note that a car can have an average of less than 2 problems per vehicle and still receive a below average rating.