Can I get any NIT with 83 percentile OBC?

Can I get any NIT with 83 percentile OBC?

Since you have secured 83 percentile and your Obc-ncl category rank is too low. You will not get any NITs, IIITS and GFTIs due to low rank.

Can I get IIIT with 83 percentile?

I regret to inform you that with such a low score you cannot get admission into any prestigious college of engineering like nits or iiits. Even you share homestate quota in tamilnadu but nit trichy is one of the top nits so there is no chance of your admission with this score.

What does 83 percentile mean in JEE mains?

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Can I get 84 percentile OBC NIT?

For a percentile of 84 your obc rank should be around 45k to 50k. With this obc rank your chances of getting top NITs, like NIT Trichy, Warangal, Rourkela, Surathkal, allahabad is not possible, You can get least preferred branch like biotech in mid, tier NITs like NIT Durgapur, Surat etc. if you have home state quota.

How good is 83 percentile in JEE mains?

83 percentile in JEE mains means that u are in the top 17 percent of the students who wrote JEE Mains. The percentile is calculated shift wise and normalised based on various parameters if there is a clash between two persons scoring same percentile in different shifts.

Is 59 percentile good in JEE mains?

While having 50-60 percentile in JEE Mainis not good enough to get admission in NITs, or IIITs, it does not mean that the candidates cannot get admission to a good college with this percentile. 50-60 percentile in JEE Main rounds about to 40-50 score.

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What percentile is required for NIT 2020 for OBC?

Answer. The minimum marks to get admission in NIT through JEE Main 2020 for candidates belonging to the General Category were 89.7 marks and for OBC-NCL category candidates were 75.3 marks.