Can I send jewellery by Blue Dart?

Can I send jewellery by Blue Dart?

Customers can now send imitation jewelry, mobile phones, watches, high end/value designer clothes, cutting tools, machine parts etc. Customers can avail of the exclusive ‘Domestic Priority Dutiable’ services at all Blue Dart retail stores across India or by calling 1860 233 1234.

Can gold be couriered within India?

Coin, bullion, platinum, precious stones, Jewellery, government currency notes or bank notes and articles of gold or silver may be sent by post only in insured letters, insured parcels.

Can I ship jewellery to India?

If any jewelry shipments import into India, customs will asses import duty of approximately 13\% on the value of items. If jewelry shipment is coming in for repair & return from customer, then the consignee must have proof the shipment has exported from India, otherwise customs will assess import duty.

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Can I send gold by post?

Sending bullion by post is perfectly acceptable, they’re asking to ascertain if you’re sending anything prohibited, such as batteries or blades. Special Delivery is a guaranteed next day delivery service (Monday to Friday).

Can I send Jewellery by post?

If you’re sending valuables, money or jewellery in the post, you should use Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed®. Money should be packaged securely and shouldn’t be visible from the outside. Don’t indicate anywhere on the packaging that money is enclosed.

How do you ship gold jewelry?

How Do You Pack Jewelry?

  1. Stay Organized. When shipping jewelry, proper organization is crucial.
  2. Secure the Jewelry.
  3. Place the Jewelry Safely in Boxes or Pouches.
  4. Wrap the Box or Pouch Securely.
  5. Layer the Shipping Box.
  6. Seal Up the Box.
  7. Keep the Box Unmarked.
  8. Request Signature Upon Delivery.

Is it safe to send jewellery by post?

Is it safe to send jewellery through Blue Dart Courier?

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As far as I know, the expensive stuff like jewellery, watches, currency and any other commodities dubbed as precious or semi-precious is restricted in the Blue dart courier service. It is mentioned boldly under the banned commodities including a list of other items which they don’t encourage sending through their service.

Can I book gold jewellery through bluedart?

No gold jewellery except on counter. You can’t book or send gold/jeweller or precious ornaments Thru bluedart. It’s in the list of banned items under bluedart. , We are Jewellery Entrepreneurs.

Is it safe to send gold in the Indian post?

As gold is included in prohibited items in india post there are certain condition to sent the gold. Prohibited Article​s Gold coins or bullion or both of a value exceeding Rs. 20,000/-.

How can I import jewellery from USA to India?

Jewellery can be important into India from USA. You need Import Export code, Sales Tax, GST Reg etc. There are international couriers like FedEx, use its service. Consignment will be delivered at your door step. If shipped by air/sea Cargo, use C&F agent service.