Can I use Eclipse instead of NetBeans?

Can I use Eclipse instead of NetBeans?

Eclipse and Netbeans are both free, open source IDEs. Both support multiple languages, but are especially well-suited for Java. The same basic functionality is available in both Eclipse and NetBeans.

Do I need JDK if I have Eclipse?

If you intend to use Eclipse for Java development, then you should install a JDK. If you aren’t planning to use Eclipse for Java development and want to save some disk space, install a JRE. If you’re using Windows, you may already have a JRE installed, but upgrading usually won’t hurt. You must install a full JDK.

Which Java version is best for Eclipse?

Java 8
Generally Java 8 works the best for most/all versions of Eclipse, including older ones. But if you want to use newer language/library features for Java development and need a newer version of Java for that purpose then newer versions should work with 2019-03 as well.

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How do I use different JDK in eclipse?

In order to actually build applications on a different version of Java, you need to connect your Eclipse IDE with the corresponding JDK. To do this, first install the JDK, and then tell the Eclipse IDE where to find it via the Java > Installed JREs page in the workspace preferences.

Do I need Java if I have JDK?

1 Answer. You do not need to install JRE then, as JDK usually consists of both development & run-time environments in it. If you install JDK then JRE will already be packaged in it and installed automatically along with JDK. Generally to do javac

Does Eclipse IDE include JDK?

Yes you’re right. Eclipse has its own compiler so you don’t need JDK if you are working with Eclipse. There is some cases/plugins that are only working with JDK such as Maven. So if you are planning to use Maven (either from Console or from Eclipse) you will need to download JDK.

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What is the difference between Eclipse and Java JDK?

Eclipse is much more extensible, with nice plugins. JDK is the Java Development Kit, it houses the Compiler among other things (along with JRE,debugger etc etc) allowing us to develop Java applications. Eclipse and Netbeans are IDEs or Integrated Development Environments where you can code,build and debug using the same tool.

Which is better eclipse or NetBeans for Java?

NetBeans has built-in drivers for MySQL and Oracle. Eclipse IDE requires M2Eclipse download and integration for Maven support. NetBeans has better Maven support compared to Eclipse. Eclipse IDE takes less time opening itself compared to NetBeans IDE. Q #1) Which is the best IDE for Java?

Do I need the JDK for NetBeans?

Whether you use NetBeans or Eclipse, you will need the JDK installed. They both use the JDK for compiling the source. So whichever you choose, you’ll need to have the JDK. Installing and configuring it is fairly straight-forward, no matter what level of programmer you are.

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What is NetBeans IDE for Java EE?

NetBeans IDE use Javac compiler present in JDK installed on the client machine for compiling of Java source code. Eclipse IDE for Java EE and web developer tools are required to install in order to support Java EE and Java based web development. Developing Java enterprise application development like JSP and Servlet is simpler than in Eclipse IDE.