Can you decompile jar?

Can you decompile jar?

Originally Answered: How do I decompile a JAR file? It is just a ZIP file, so to extract all the files with regular zip tool. Then to decompile the classes (inside the ZIP) use a decompiler. There’s one online (don’t upload sensitive code) here og both IDEA and Eclipse should have something built in.

How do I convert a jar file to readable?

1) Go to your jar file’s folder. 2) change it’s extension to . zip….Download JD-GUI from and save it at any location on your system.

  1. Drag and drop the jar or open .
  2. Java Decompiler will open with all the package structure in a tree format.

How do you reverse engineer a jar file?

2 Answers

  1. Use JD-GUI to examine the jar file.
  2. Unpack the jar file. jar -xf yourapp.jar.
  3. Modify the .class file with a Java Bytecode Editor. Use Java Bytecode Editor (JBE)
  4. Repack the modified classes into new archive file. jar -cvf yourapp_patched.jar *.*
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How do I decompile a jar file in Unix?

To decompile a group of files on the command line, run the following commands:

  1. Download the JAR file from here as the jd-cmd file.
  2. Create the directory where your output Java files will be located.
  3. Run the command to decompile the files: java -jar jd-cli. jar -od .

Can we modify JAR file?

You cannot edit a . jar file, these are compiled from . java files. You will have to edit the source code in a .

How do I modify a jar file?

A jar file is a zip archive. You can extract it using 7zip (a great simple tool to open archives). You can also change its extension to zip and use whatever to unzip the file. Now you have your class file.

How do I decompile a jar file in eclipse?

Install Eclipse Decompiler Plugin

  1. Click on “Help > Eclipse Marketplace…”,
  2. Search “Eclipse Class Decompiler” in the Eclipse Marketplace dialog,
  3. Find “Eclipse Class Decompiler” and click on button “install”,
  4. Check “Eclipse Class Decompiler”,
  5. Next, next, next… and restart.