Could the Borg assimilate a founder?

Could the Borg assimilate a founder?

The Borg can’t assimilate a Founder any more than you can punch fire.

Can the Borg assimilate a tholian?

Tholians require very hot temperatures, and where they live, must be very hot. , Have seen every Star Trek show and movie. The Borg would assimilate them in a trice and acquire their Web technology. But they might also pass through the spatial interphase and lay a trap for the Terran Empire in the Alternate Universe.

Is 8472 a good species?

Their highly developed biology and organic technology rendered them tactically superior even to the Borg, who considered them the “apex of biological evolution”. Seven of Nine rated Species 8472 devious and highly intelligent, claiming it would seek the most efficient means of destroying its opponent.

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Can Borg assimilate robots?

The Species 8472 Conflict Their biology was so complex, in fact, that the Borg were unable to assimilate them. Species 8472 took the Borg’s entry into their space as a clear sign of aggression and retaliated by declaring a campaign of extermination not only against the collective but all life in the galaxy.

How did the Borg assimilate species so quickly?

When the Borg started using transwarp hubs, ( VOY: ” Endgame “) they could appear anywhere in the galaxy, giving them the ability to assimilate species with little or no warning at all and within very short periods of time.

How did the Borg assimilate New Providence?

The Borg encounter the Enterprise In 2366, the Borg sent a cube to the Alpha Quadrant on a mission to assimilate Earth. Within the Alpha Quadrant, the Borg first assimilated the nine hundred inhabitants of the Federation colony New Providence.

Do the Borg have biological traits?

We know that the Borg incorporate biological traits from assimilated species. We’re told this explicitly, and fairly frequently. We are also led to believe that the power of the Q is biological – the result of Hollywood evolution: Quinn hints at this in “Death Wish”, for instance.

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Are the Borg a threat to the Q?

Don’t provoke the Borg! wasn’t so much that the Borg were a threat to the Q, but that they were a threat to other species in the galaxy. A Q is (for the sake of argument) an omnipotent being, so they could dissolve the entire collective at a whim, they could “cure” the Borg attempting to assimilate them, they could simply disappear…