Did Ravana had Amrit in his navel?

Did Ravana had Amrit in his navel?

The “Amrita placed in Ravana’s navel” story does not occur in the Critical Edition of the Valmiki Ramayana. In the Critical Edition, Rama uses a special Astra created by Brahma (for the use of Indra) to tear out Ravana’s heart from his chest, thus killing him.

What did Ravana drink?

As per the story, Ravana had nectar in his navel and until that is not destroyed, he will not die. This secret was also known to vibhishana.

What was Ravana’s curse?

When Kubera came to know this, he cursed Ravana, that, “O Ravana, after today, if you touch any woman without her will, then your head will be cut into a hundred pieces.” For this reason, daughter Sita Ravana cannot even touch you without your consent.

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What was the secret to kill Ravana?

Matali, Rama’s charioteer watches the struggle and suggests that “To kill Ravana you must use the dreaded arrow of Brahma, given to you by Agastya, which never misses its target”. So Rama shot the divine arrow, which had the power of the gods in it, which pierced Ravana in the heart and killed him.

What was the weakest point of Ravana?

Vibhishana told Rama that Ravana’s weakest point was in his navel. Rama with his powerful arrow shot Ravana in the navel, then Ram used Brahmastra and killed him.

Did Ravana eat meat?

He was a non vegetarian. He was a rakshasa who ate meat. This was mentioned several times in Ramayana. One instance is where Ravana speaks with Sita giving her the warning of time for her to surrender or he will eat her for breakfast.

How did Ravana get 10 heads?

When Ravana has once performed a ‘Homa’ (sacrifice) to please Lord Shiva in the want of ultimate powers, he had beheaded himself to satisfy lord Shiva but surprisingly his head was back in place again. Hence Raavan was also called as Dasamukha (10 faced) or Dasakantha (10 throated) or Dasagriva (10 headed).

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What happens to Ravana’s body after his death?

What happens to Ravana’s body after his death? He is buried with full honors. Rama orders a proper burial.

How did Sri Rama kill Ravana?

Ravana had no such boon from any God that unless the vessel containing Amrit, hidden at his navel, was broken, he will live forever. Sri Rama used a divine weapon created by Lord Brahma and used it for killing Ravana. That weapon pierced through Ravana’s chest and he was dead.

Did Ramayana mention about elixir of life in the navel of Ravan?

Valmiki Ramayana did not mention about elixir of life being present in navel of Ravan. Also , contrary to the popular belief that Vibhishan told Rama about Ravan’s secret of having this elixir of life in his navel is also not correct as per Valmiki Ramayana. Ramayana mentions that Ravan was killed with Brahmastra.

What is the secret of Ravan’s life?

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Then Vibhishana is reported to have told SriRama the secret to Ravan’s life – the nectar (amrit) held in the navel (naabhi) of Ravan. Finally the Raam-baan (arrow) was directed to Ravan’s navel & it was a fatal hit. His life source dried up and he attained Mukti from this life.

Is Sri Rama a bhakta-Vatsal?

Sri Rama was an incarnation of MahaVishnu and Vishnu had given a promise to Jay and Vijay that He would ensure their Mukti in every life. He is a Bhakta-Vatsal and He knew that unless Ravana’s complete entity was destroyed, he would not be able to have Mukti.