Do consultants pay for their own travel?

Do consultants pay for their own travel?

Consultants generally pay for routine travel to their clients’ offices if they’re local. Of course, as with any expense that you cover, you should build this travel into your fee. Even employees have to weigh the cost of daily transportation when they decide to accept a certain salary.

Do consultants travel in business class?

#4 Consultants travel in style – business class flights, filet mignon steak dinners, new countries and continents explored every week. You may fly business class, but you can expect an equal number of economy-class flights (particularly given lack of long-term scheduling flexibility).

What airlines do consultants use?

Which Airline Delivers The Best Consulting Business Travel Experience?

  1. United Airlines. United has taken a PR beating in the past year, and for good reason.
  2. Delta Airlines.
  3. Alaska Airlines.
  4. American Airlines.
  5. Southwest Airlines.
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Do management consultants charge for travel time?

Although it depends on the individual consultant, many consultants do charge for time spent traveling to client sites. I addressed the issue of billing travel time charges a while ago and it’s become one of the hottest topics on this site.

How do consultants bill for travel time?

Most consultants who travel more than I do bill for travel time. Some bill at their full hourly rate and some bill at half their hourly rate. There is usually a cap of 8-10 hours a day even if your travel takes longer.

Do consultants get first class?

Most consultants are on a heavy travel schedule and rack up a ton of miles… status alone will often get you a bump to first class, if you don’t just use miles to get it on airlines like American.

How much do management consultants travel?

With the majority of the firm traveling four, five or more days per week and reporting that they average upwards of 70-hours ever week, when you’re on with McKinsey, you’re really on. But the firm’s Take Time initiative allows consultants to step away from their desks for sabbaticals between projects.

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What airline does Deloitte use?

United Airlines MileagePlus – Print – Deloitte new hires – Enjoy complimentary Premier Gold status and more.