Do Indian army soldiers get free food?

Do Indian army soldiers get free food?

The 7th Pay Commission has decided that defence officers posted in peaceful locations will not get ration supply at their places.

Do Army officers get BAS?

Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS): The Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) is used to pay for food for Enlisted Soldiers and Officers. The following are the BAS rates for 2021: Officers: $266.18. Enlisted: $386.50.

Do all officers get BAS?

Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) is a pay allowance for Enlisted Soldiers and Officers that can offset the cost of food purchases. As of January 1, 2002, all enlisted members receive full BAS. BAS is meant to offset the cost of food-related expenses and is not intended to cover all food purchases.

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Do military officers pay for food?

For officers and enlisted people who do not reside in the dormitories, the military pays a monetary allowance for food. Basic Allowance for Subsistence is an allowance, not pay. The allowance is not designed or paid to provide any benefit to family members; it is solely for the subsistence of the military member.

How Indian soldiers are served up a Culinary Diversity Day in and Day Out?

As India marks the Army Day today, here is the inside story of how the soldiers are served up a culinary diversity day in and day out. The trigger for this anecdotal piece is the Border Security Force (BSF) constable’s video on poor quality of food and the article by Lt Col Noel Ellis’ titled ‘ Dal Tadka Maar Ke ’.

What kind of food do Indian soldiers eat?

Normal meal : Nevertheless, Indian soldiers also enjoy normal meals-vegetarian or non vegetarian- prepared by trained cooks across military stations. Indian army soldiers celebrate and commemorate special occasions- republic day; Indian army day ;raising day ;special visits. Naturally, good food is prepared and consumed on such occasions.

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How do Indian soldiers in remote areas get food?

Instant meal : Defense Food Research Laboratory prepares instant food for Indian soldiers serving in remote areas or conflict zones. These meals are well planned by dieticians that cater nutritional needs of India soldiers. [ 1]

Why do Indian soldiers carry salaries and shakarparas in their backpacks?

While dry tinned food was introduced in the harsh field and combat zone quite some time back, Indian soldiers still carry these packed salaries and shakarparas in their backpacks if there is any room left after stocking ammunition. They have a shelf-life that is long.