How can I send unlimited SMS on WhatsApp?

How can I send unlimited SMS on WhatsApp?

If you know how to connect with the WhatsApp web, then feel free to skip this step. To connect your mobile account with WhatsApp web, open the app and click on the + button. After that, scan the QR code, which is shown on your desktop screen. Now, your WhatsApp web is active, and you can use it to send bulk messages.

How can I send bulk SMS on WhatsApp without getting banned?

Do a factory reset on the phone if possible. Get a new IP address. Install whatsapp again. Let the first message be special: don’t register the number and start sending messages, first start a conversation with this new number from an old and trusted number, like your own phone.

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How can I send a lot of messages on WhatsApp?

  1. Open the WhatsApp app on your device and click on Chats.
  2. Tap on the three vertical dots placed on the upper-right corner of the screen.
  3. Now click on ‘Choose New Broadcast’. Then, select all the names you want to send the message to.
  4. Once done, click on the green tick placed on the lower-right hand corner.

How can I send a message to 100 times on WhatsApp?

When you first open the app, the option to repeated a text will be at the top. After selecting this option, type the message you want to repeated on the first line and how many times you want to repeat the text in the second line. If you want a new line between each repeated text, make sure to check the New Line box.

How many WhatsApp messages can I send per day?

With the lists in the free download version of WhatsApp, you can only send 256 messages a day. Plus, only contacts who have your number saved will receive the messages.

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How many messages can I send on WhatsApp in a day?

On the 3rd day, the number sends to 200 unique recipients. During days 4-7, the number sends messages to 400 unique recipients each day….WhatsApp rate limits.

Tier 1 Limited to 1,000 unique message recipients per day
Tier 2 Limited to 10,000 unique message recipients per day

How can I use bulk SMS?

How to Send Bulk SMS with Free Bulk SMS Sender

  1. Compose your message to be sent through bulk SMS free apps.
  2. Add recipients by selecting the number from your contacts.
  3. Type the message you want to convey to your target customers in the message box.
  4. Preview your message & hit the send button! It’s that simple.