How do I create a Wcms page?

How do I create a Wcms page?

Adding pages directly to the site

  1. Log in to the CMS by navigating to a page on your website and clicking the Direct Edit link.
  2. Click Content then Pages.
  3. Click New.
  4. Select New Page.
  5. You will be asked to provide information for this new page.
  6. Click Create.

What is page template hybris?

SAP Customer Experience (CX)/ Hybris CMS Page Template/ Pages/ Content Slot/Component/ Impex etc. Impex is the standard way in hybris for import data into the system and exporting as well. It’s a text based functionality which support CSV (semi colon 😉 data files.

How do you create a media in hybris?

To load any image in Hybris system, we need to create a Media having that image….Media Creation:

  1. Login to HMC.
  2. Go to Multimedia, right click on it -> Create -> Media.
  3. The following screen will appear.
  4. Provide the other information.
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How do you create paragraph components in hybris?

  1. Decide what type of existing component we need to use for this requirement.
  2. Write an impex statement for adding this new component item type instance.
  3. Write an impex to link it to the appropriate content slot.

How do I create a custom page in hybris?

Let’s list out the steps involved in creating the new page

  1. Create a new page template.
  2. Create a new page.
  3. Create content slot names.
  4. Create the components required for the page.
  5. Create content slots.
  6. Link the content slots for the page template.
  7. Add a link of offers page to the navigation bar.

What is Autocreate and generate in hybris?

Autocreate is used to specify to create new database entry or not. Autocreate=true will create new database entry.default value is ture. Generate is used to specify to generate Java class files(setters or getters) or not.

How do I add a product to hybris?

Hybris backoffice – how to add a new product. Replace localhost with your Hybris domain name or ip address if it’s not a local server ! Use the admin account (admin/nimda) to login. Now we will create a new product, go under Catalog->Products and click on ‘+ Product’.

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What is media in hybris?

Advertisements. All the products available in the commerce site has images and these are called media. To add any product to a commerce site, we have to create media with that image. Media can be created using different tools like HMC or via Impex.

How do I create a CMS page in hybris?

What is CMS component in hybris?

Overview. A cms component consists of three elements interact with one another : Model, JSP and Controller. Model : identify the component with a uid, name, catalog version and also holds the inputs to be sent to the JSP. JSP : is the template of the component, describe the look and feel of it.

What is included in a CMS page template?

Adding a New CMS Page Template

  • A list of content slots predefined for the template.
  • A FrontendTemplateName that corresponds to the name of a JSP that drives the layout of the page.
  • A list of PageTypes that the template is restricted to.
  • A VelocityTemplate to specify the layout in SmartEdit.

How do I create a new attribute in hybris?

How do you add a new attribute to an existing item type in SAP Hybris Commerce?

  1. Go to /platform using your command prompt, and run the setantenv.bat command (Windows machines), or . ./
  2. Run ant extgen command.
  3. Type yempty then press Enter.
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How to update HMC in hybris?

1. Add hmc extension to your localextensions.xml. 2. Build the project using ant all command. 3. Restart the Hybris server again using. 4. Navigate to HAC -> Platform -> Update and run an update with only Update running system and Clear the hMC configuration from the database checked.

How do I create an employee in hybris?

Logon to the the hybris Management Console as an user that is allowed to create employees. In the tree navigation on the left, expand the “User” folder. Create a new employee whose name is ‘posuser1’:In the left navigation, click User > Employee.Right-click Employee; then select Create Employee.

How to create a new page in WCMS?

The very basic steps on how to create a new page (via HMC) are: Select the WCMS section > Pages > right click to select page type. Select the type of page: Category, content, product.. Select a page template that you want to use. (Eg. product page template)

Where can I find the HMC file?

The hMC is usually available on http://localhost:9001/hmc (or /hmc/hybris if you don’t want it opening in a pop up).