How many days is enough for Sikkim?

How many days is enough for Sikkim?

Sikkim is one of the most beautiful place in India…! It will take you around 12-15 days to explore famous points in the state. But I would like to suggest you that don’t extend the trip for more than 10 days including Darjeeling as u are with family.

Which part of Sikkim is most beautiful?

At 3500 meters above sea level, beyond the tree line, where no trees grow, is the valley of flowers at Yumthang.

In which month there is snowfall in Sikkim?

Snow lovers can visit Sikkim during the winter season, as December till February is the best month to see snowfall in Sikkim in the higher altitude region such as Nathula pass. Honeymooners and romantic couples can visit Sikkim between October to March.

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Is Sikkim safe for tourists?

Darjeeling and Sikkim are 100\% safe for solo female traveller. Nothing to be scared of as such. However, you may contact the following travel agents for any assistance needed. They are reliable.

Which is the best part of Sikkim?

Top places to visit in Sikkim

  1. Gangtok. Gangtok is definitely the most visited place in Sikkim for many prominent reasons.
  2. Tsomgo Lake, Baba Mandir and Nathula Pass.
  3. Lachung / Yumthang Valley / Zero Point.
  4. Lachen, Chopta valley, Gurudongmar Lake.
  5. Pelling.
  6. Namchi.
  7. Ravangla.
  8. Zuluk.

What is best to buy in Sikkim?

Souvenirs to Shop While in Sikkim –

  • Prayer Flags.
  • Canvas Wall Hangings.
  • Thangkas.
  • Woollen Carpets.
  • Chosees (Traditional Folding Tables)
  • Tea.
  • Sikkimese Traditional Dress.
  • Fruit Juice.

Is Sikkim very cold?

Temperature conditions vary from sub-tropical in the southern lower parts to cold deserts in the snowy north. Most of the inhabited regions of Sikkim experience a temperate climate, with temperatures seldom exceeding 28 °C (82 °F) in summer. The average annual temperature for most of Sikkim is around 18 °C (64 °F).

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Which is better Assam or Sikkim?

Go for sikkim , connectivity is good and the scenic beauty is also better than Assam. Hi Pranay, I would say choose Sikkim because of its beautiful hill stations like Gangtok, Ziro or Darjeeling. But you can also visit the beautiful and untouched hill station in Assam: Haflong – The most splendid and serene one.

Can I drive in Sikkim?

Self-driving a car (a 4-wheeler) in any protected area of Sikkim is usually not allowed for tourists. Exceptions are made by the officers on their own discretion on a case to case basis and it’s not easy at all to get the permits for self-driven private vehicles.

Is January Best time to visit Sikkim?

Also, it is said that the best time to visit these places is in January, because only during the winter season you will experience snowfall at the base camp, and that is something that you will cherish your entire life. Yuksom is a really popular winter place to visit in Sikkim.

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Is January good time to visit Sikkim?

January is the time of winter in Sikkim. In January, the weather is extreme in Gangtok and places like Pelling, Lachen and even Lachung. It can be cold in Sikkim and especially in the mornings and at night. During the day the climate is average.